I-CLIPS - burger-Iberflora

Burger will present their concept I-Clips for gardens at Iberflora, terraces and balconies

Burger, gala company expert in knowledge of the wood, will be present in Iberflora 2018 presenting its products and innovations.

The company, specialized in structures of wood for Interior and exterior designs, presented at Iberflora of the 3 rd to 5 October I-Clips concept, winning idea of the gold medal at the international inventors of Geneva in 2008.

Through I-Clips, Burger proposes the construction of terraces, patios and balconies custom construction simple and quick thanks to its exclusive system. And it is that anyone can do it.

With I-Clips, you can build a wooden terrace with perfect lines in a jiffy, without screws, without Assembly and gluing.

A terrace is completely clipsable and customizable available in five colors: thermopile, termofreno, light grey, anthracite grey and Brown.

In addition the terraces built with the system I-Clips can raise up to the 27,3 cm. height adjustable through, with a unique finish, without visible screws or imperfections and perfectly aligned wooden plates.

Burger loves wood, and therefore, loves nature and the people who live in it. Thus, the 98% the raw materials used come from responsibly managed forests and its facilities are built with the environment in mind, achieving energy self-sufficiency.

No doubt, the Burger commitment to r & d and the environment, In addition to its exclusive and innovative system i-Clips, they will not pass unnoticed in Iberflora 2018.