Interview with Ignasi Puertas (COMPO): "The garden deserves its own space that allows to show the great potential of this category"

COMPO will be one of the 4 empresas que protagonizarán el nuevo espacio “Te llevamos al Huerto“ durante la próxima edición de Iberflora. We chatted with Ignasi Puertas, Commercial Director – Iberia & LATAM, who has told us about the origin of this new space dedicated to the garden, as well as the growth trend of this product category on the shelves.

Cé Rodriguez, of in20meters: "I want the follower to know who the person being recorded is and talk to them., without masks or characters"

En el marco de la mesa redonda sobre el Huerto en las Redes Sociales que Iberflora acogerá en su próxima edición, from 5 rd to 7 th of October at Feria Valencia, hemos podido hablar con Cé Rodríguez, uno de los influencers que participará en el evento moderado por Ángel Villarino, director of Fitoralia and member of the Organizing Committee of Iberflora.