Cé Rodriguez, of in20meters: "I want the follower to know who the person being recorded is and talk to them., without masks or characters"

Within the framework of the round table on the Garden in Social Networks that Iberflora will host in its next edition, from 5 rd to 7 th of October at Feria Valencia, we have been able to talk to Cé Rodriguez, one of the influencers who will participate in the event together with Mylena Ferreira from Huertox, Ester Casanovas de Picarona Blog, Marta Rosique de Plantea en Verde, Toni Jardon from La huertina de Toni and Javier de Huerto addicts.

Cé started recording videos on her plot of land. 20 square meter, and hence the name of your Youtube channel (in20meters Urban Garden), that has today more than 420.000 Subscribers. We have asked him about his plot, for their videos and their relationship with their followers and much more, with the aim of warming up engines for the event to be moderated by Ángel Villarino, member of the Organizing Committee of Iberflora and director of Fitoralia, and that will take place during the morning of the 6 th October in the space "We take you to the Garden" organized by Iberflora together with leading companies in the world of the garden such as Compo, Fitoralia, Hortalia and Rocalba.

In which social networks or ways of communicating do you have a presence?, which of them do you feel most comfortable in?

My content is mainly in Instagram and in YouTube. I'm very comfortable in both, but in each one I do things differently.

On Instagram Cé talks about en20metros, with total freedom and from any subject. Garden and garden in this social network are only the excuse to be able to do the clown and be happy.

On YouTube things change. I'm still me, but there I want to create content very focused on helping people and what I know the user of the platform is looking for.: solve doubts or learn new things while entertaining.

How long ago did you get started seriously with communication, that is, at what point it becomes an important part of your life? What makes you take that step?

I started talking about gardening and gardening in 2015 on my personal Facebook account. Just to show my friends what I did on the weekends. Then on Instagram I realized that I could upload beautiful photos of each plant I had and the crops I was taking out.. And from there came the jump to YouTube in 2018 because people asked me to. I didn't know anything about recording videos and just tried.

The change to being a communicator and taking it more seriously comes to me in the middle of 2019, when I realize that YouTube is a platform where by doing things right and being consistent you can make a living.

What are or were your references when you started?

I was (and I am) absolute fan of Toni de La Huertina and Gabi "Things from the Garden". To such an extent that I was nervous to leave them comments and see that they responded to them.. A few days ago I started to remember that a few days ago 6 years I sent some seeds to Toni by mail. Simply because I admired what I did.

In February 2019, with 6.000 followers on YouTube, Gabi "Things from the Garden" told me that she was coming to visit Vigo in summer. These are things that are not forgotten. You see what those two have come to, creating educational content and that you are in that too... and I really feel like Celta de Vigo who came to play the Champions League in 2003.

Do you recommend someone other than one of your tablemates to follow?, either within the orchard world, or plants, or simply, because you like what he does and how he does it.

If you like the garden you have to follow Gabi "Things of the Garden" and "La Huerta de Iván". For quality of information and because they have been creating honest and well-explained content for years.

Do you combine your work in communication in networks and / or internet with others or do you dedicate yourself completely to it?

For me, being a content creator was a plan B., the leisure that made me earn a little money talking about orchards. I am an administrative in a prosecutor's office and I spend 9 hours in front of a computer sending and receiving judicial procedures.

Today, everything that surrounds YouTube and Instagram is my plan A although I do not consider leaving my administrative job.

Does it condition you to talk about certain topics the fact that it has more or less repercussion, in the number of visits or likes or you move more the artistic vein?

No desire to throw flowers at me, hey? I think that few people will have to talk more than I do about what they want on social networks. I don't put the brakes on anything on any platform and that's what has connected me to people..

Everyone who follows me knows that a youtube video of mine can start in any way and that on Instagram there is "open bar". And if you don't know shortly after following me, you realize where my content is going..

Talking about topics, just orchard or do you talk about all kinds of plants? And out of the world of plants, can you ever talk about football?, religion, policy, Anything, even if it is tangentially?

In general (and I tell you as a Graduate in Political Science) I never talk about politics because our leaders don't deserve it..

But I love that people see how I am because I want the follower to know who the person is being recorded and talk to them.. No masks, nor characters. I don't believe in canned and aseptic contents.

I love music and football and that's always in my content., especially on Instagram.

The followers and attention they require, Questions, feedback..., Do you attend to everything or do you have to limit it in some way?

Today, there is not a comment on a video on my YouTube channel that does not have a response. Since 2018. Even if it is a "Thank you very much, Mary". The day will come when it will be impossible to take time to answer everything., but that closeness is what connects you with people.

Do you think that the pandemic has incorporated new profiles of followers and fans of the world of the garden?

The pandemic changed my life like you turn a sock around. And like me to many people. It is clear that what we content creators are experiencing is not normal and this wave will happen when the "vaccine effect" arrives.. But we are in a social change.

Much of society has gone from having the dream of living next to a Metro stop to wanting to live in a house with a garden or in an attic with a huge terrace. And whoever was locked in a block of houses between four walls has realized that he needs at least one plant to take care of..

I multiplied my visits to the x5 YouTube channel in a month since we were locked up at home. And that in a content of gardening and gardening is because society has changed.

You will be part of a round table on orchards and social networks in this next edition of Iberflora, what do you think of the initiative, you've done something similar before.?

I have participated in several webinars, but to be able to do it in person and with people I respect a lot is a privilege and a pride. If we also have the option to talk about our work and make visible how we relate to people by creating content, because there I am more than happy with the proposal and happy to receive the invitation.