Why connect to Iberflora Digital Business: advantages for the visitor

The international plant and flower fair, landscaping, tecnología y bricojardín ofrece a los visitantes esta alternativa a la feria. In it, podrán acceder a novedades online y contenidos, optimizar el tiempo y, above all, mantener las relaciones comerciales.

Iberflora, the international plant and flower fair, landscaping, technology and bricojardín has opened its Iberflora Digital Business platform for visitors to the green sector on Monday 19 October. Since then, professionals can access all the news online and content and maintain business relationships with their suppliers and companies.

La herramienta digital puesta en marcha por Iberflora tiene como objetivo ayudar a que empresas, proveedores y clientes mantengan una conversación más fluida, optimizing time to the maximum. Thereby, Iberflora remains the starting point for the new season and gives, also, response to companies that need to continue working.

The project is the sum of four ideas. On the one hand, is a interactive catalog of companies, segmented by sector, products and provenance. In this section visitors will be able to see news, videos, demonstrations and other company products that interest them without moving from the office. They'll be able to monetize, also, your time thanks to the contact generator, that will allow visitors to interact with companies that interest them and schedule both business meetings and virtual meetings directly, without intermediaries.

In the same way, professionals entering Iberflora Digital Business will be able to search for the product that interests them inIberflora marketplace. You'll find them organized by categories, with the news marked to make the search easier. Lastly, in the area ofParallel Activities, visitors will be able to form and attend (or review) all those online events you're interested in. Every Tuesday, Iberflora Digital Business will launch new content with interesting reflections on the sector exclusively for all those who visit the platform.

With all this, Iberflora Digital Business, which will be available until the end of January, will once again be at the meeting point for the entire green sector.