Villas in flower

Villas in flower-Iberflora

Villas in flower, sponsored by Iberflora

Iberflora sponsors Villas in flower, a national program that recognizes the actions carried out by the Spanish municipalities in relation to the empowerment of urban green spaces and collecting projects of the municipalities attached to the programme of landscaping, environment and environmental education, sustainable management of resources and ultimately, the improvement of the quality of life of its inhabitants.

How do you recognize these actions?

Villas in flower is a yearly program, and this recognition to participating municipalities of carried out in form of called flowers of Honor Awards in a series of annual galas organized by associations of flowers and Plants Committee members of FEPEX.

How it works?

The program is organizationally divided into geographic areas and already years in Catalonia under the name of Vile Florides, an initiative of the Confederation of Ornamental horticulture in Catalonia (CHOC). This year has started up in the Region of Valencia Hand Asfplant, in Canary Islands Hand ASOCAN , in Aragon promoted by APHARNS and promoted Galicia by ASVINOR, AGAEXAR and Juana de Vega Foundation.

The aim is that many more best municipalities to join this program in the autonomous communities, with the intention of promoting green spaces such as meeting point of intergenerational relationships, improve the social awareness towards the policies of environmental sustainability and empowerment of parks and gardens in the municipalities.

In Iberflora 2017 Villas was officially presented in flower at the national level, a success which each time is add more Spanish regions.

Iberflora is main sponsor and promoter of Villas in flower, a program open to the participation of all the towns and cities of Spain and of which we are proud to be part.