Interview with Esteve Sanllehí (HORTALIA): “we have prepared attractive and dynamic activities to enhance the garden as a hobby”

HORTALIA es una de las empresas organizadoras de “We take you to the Garden”, el primer espacio monográfico sobre el mundo de la huerta que se ubicará en el Pabellón 4 de Iberflora 2021, una empresa especializada en todo tipo de farming tables, Planters, jardineras colgantes y verticales, todas ellas fabricadas en madera de pino nórdico. Hemos hablado con Esteve Sanllehí, Business Manager de la firma, que nos cuenta alguno datos sobre el nuevo espacio, así como sobre sus nuevas colecciones dirigidas tanto al canal contract como al cliente final.

What are your objectives for this edition of Iberflora, after more than a year and a half without face-to-face sectoral competitions?

Principalmente, después de todo lo vivido, poder ver de nuevo a las personas que conforman el sector y poderlas saludar en persona y con normalidad. Pero también, poder mostrar nuestras novedades y compartir nuestros planes de futuro.

What news will visitors to Iberflora be able to find? 2021 at your stand?

We present three new product lines designed for the terraces and outdoor areas of restaurants, Bars, hotels, offices and other communities that have turned much of their activity towards the outdoors. In October 2019 we present one of the three collections (the Space Partitions collection) at the HOST Fair in Milan. It was ours. new range of terrace enclosures for the hotel industry and was very well received. Unfortunately, the pandemic emerged and the project was temporarily paralyzed. But after a few months, with deconfinement, the range made more sense. A lot, that we even launched two more ranges with similar orientation: the Koma collection and the Eco-Terrace. The latter, launched in collaboration with Alberch S.A. and the Fablab of Barcelona, has been selected by the Barcelona City Council as one of the four approved proposals of platforms to be implemented in the new terraces that during the pandemic have conquered the road.

His company is one of the protagonists of the new space "We take you to the garden". What is this initiative??

The manufacturers selected for this space have coordinated to present in an attractive and dynamic way everything related to the garden as a hobby, and especially to the garden in urban environments. Growing vegetables at home either in the garden or on the balcony, is becoming a trend with more and more followers.

What will be the contribution of your company to this space dedicated to the practice of the recreational garden?

The promotion of urban agriculture is in the DNA of Hortalia. In this space we will provide a wide variety of elevated orchards (farming tables), soil orchards, and planters made of Nordic pine wood treated for outdoor use.

What are the synergies of your company with the other three firms that will participate in the space "We take you to the garden"?

The products of Hortalia would become the "continent" of the orchard while the products of the other three firms, Compo, Rocalba and Fitoralia, would come to be the necessary "content".

The category of products for the garden is one of the fastest growing in recent months. What is the reason for this positive development??

There are two types of motives that push this trend decisively.. There would be some "substantive" and other "conjunctural" reasons.. The underlying reasons would be related to changes in the environmental awareness of the population: organic food, ecological footprint, kilometer zero, reduction of packaging and CO2, clean energy, climate change, sustainability, circular economy, etc.. are concepts that influence, every day more, in the purchasing decisions of a very large party (and growing) of society. The conjunctural reasons would be related to the change of lifestyles that Covid has brought us. Household economies have traveled less or closer. They have left home less and have dedicated part of the family budget to decoration and leisure at home. Both the underlying and the conjunctural reasons, have pushed the growth of products for the garden.

Are you confident that this trend will continue in the coming years??

The underlying reasons mentioned above will gain greater weight in the consciousness of the people who make up our society. Demographics, climate change, the next public policies and future business strategies, they're going to push in that direction.. As for the conjunctural reasons, those related to our changes in habits during the pandemic, I think some of the new habits are here to stay. Others probably not. But as a result of all this, I am convinced that the growth of products related to the garden will be maintained in the coming years.