Interview with Mª José Holguín, author and editor of El Blog de la Tabla


Iberflora has interviewed Mª José Holguín, author of one of the most prestigious blogs about ornamental plants in the country, The Table Blog.

There are many of us who have been enjoying what he tells us and shows us on his blog for years.. In the online world, few are the plant lovers who have not heard, at least, the name of "The Blog of the Table". Where does the name of the blog after which Mª José Holguín smiles at us come from??

The blog inherits the name of the production nursery I had in its day. It was born with the intention of having a meeting point with customers, but soon became more personal.

Met, especially through Twitter, to gardeners and landscapers who supported my work and, before I knew it, the blog had been filled with content that interested a much wider audience. I am convinced of the need to share points of view and knowledge, as this facilitates learning and updates us. You never know everything in art or gardening.

Your blog, in addition to illustrating us with his great knowledge of the plant world, has beautiful photographs of gardens, especially English style. What do you find most fascinating about UK gardens?? Which ones would you recommend as essential?

Gardening in the United Kingdom is a world reference and it is unavoidable to stop in your gardens again and again. Sometimes it is inevitable to believe that the passion for gardening of the English is in their DNA. It is admirable to see the enthusiasm with which they develop and maintain the gardens., from back gardens to private homes, to large historic gardens, some of whom have been able to adapt their planting styles to the new trends of a more naturalistic and sustainable gardening.

There is much to admire and learn in England, and many styles to dwell on. The list of gardens would be endless, But, if I have to mention some essentials, I would say two botanical gardens: the RHS garden in Wisley and Kew Gardens; and three historic gardens that set the course for gardening in recent times: the gardens of Beth Chatto, Great Dixter and Sissinghurst.

In addition to having El Blog de la Tabla, you have professional experience in the green sector, precisely in the Valencian Community. How did that professional experience influence the birth of your blog??

Discovering the life cycle of plants and their ability to adapt and survive adverse conditions is a life lesson that, also, connects you to the pulses of nature forever. From that strong connection came the fascination with everything that had to do with the green world., and that enthusiasm led to the need to learn more and share it. Now the blog is more than a decade old and I have many ideas and plans for its future direction and possible contents.. There are always things to improve.

In the articles of The Blog of the Table, he regularly talks about art and botanical literature. What influence does art have on your blog?? How do you conceive the union between art and gardening??

I believe that gardening and art are historically inseparable activities, in which there is usually an artist who practices reverie to take us to sometimes unsuspected places. When both disciplines approach with mastery, I find it tempting to divulge the work that is born of that relationship. Art and gardening are sides of the same coin, as both demonstrate the human capacity to create and innovate. Creative thinking doesn't have, or should not have, Limits, at least that's how I see it.

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