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Floral art schools taught many workshops at the Iberflora round of florists

The Round of Florists Iberflora 2018 It is finalizing details to be one of the areas of increased activity and bustle of Feria Valencia the days 3, 4 and 5 October.

The Iberflora Cup of Floral Art and the workshops that will be held by floral art schools will be the attractions that will bring together the most professional florists, with interesting proposals and innovations that are sure to be of great use to the florist sector.

Among the proposals, the Floral Art School Deflorarts by Gijón, has already presented its proposal for workshops that will take place in its stand during the 3 fair days focused on professional florists based on different techniques and concepts.

Some of them will be the creation of pasta flowers with porcelain effect, assembling pins and accessories with the flowers created, mounting of ignites and complements with preserved and artificial flowers, initiation to trade parallel arrangements, making versatile structures for different floral compositions, original and commercial or flower paraffin techniques, among other ones .

Those interested in joining or expanding on workshops can sign up by calling 665 907 796.

Another school that has announced several workshops in its stand 3 rd to 5 October is Valencian Eifa Florist School, that with the help of Professor Juan Lluesma will conduct workshops of floral boxes, preserved headdresses, structures with annealed wire, wrappers of bouquets and shop gifts or budgeting for weddings and events, among others are presented.

Those interested in participating in these workshops can book their place by phone 625 077 894.