Ester Casanovas (Picarona Blog): "The only thing that conditions me is to be able to contribute something of value to my followers"


Iberflora will host a round table on the garden in Social Networks with prominent influencers from the national scene on Wednesday morning 6 October, second day of the contest.

To the appointment, Mylena Ferreira de Huertox are invited, Ester Casanovas de Picarona Blog, Marta Rosique de Plantea en Verde, Toni Jardon from Toni's Huertina, Javier de Huerto adictos and Cé de En 20 meters.

Iberflora spoke to Ester Casanovas, of

In which social networks or ways of communicating do you have a presence?, which of them do you feel most comfortable in?

I have Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I am creating users in social networks that appear to see how they work although I do not always use them for the blog. I also collaborate regularly on the radio, a medium that I am passionate about.

If you had to choose a social network, I love Twitter because through it I have access to agricultural professionals, from which I can continue to learn.

How long ago did you get started seriously with communication, that is, at what point it becomes an important part of your life? What makes you take that step?

In 2011 I gave my first face-to-face workshop. I saw that I liked it and that I could dedicate myself to it.. The same year I started collaborating in radio and the first collaborations with brands arrived.. It was already autonomous, so it was easy for me to include these activities in my day to day, alternating it with what was my job at the time.

What are or were your references when you started?

When I started growing in pots, the concept influencer it didn't even exist. My referents were my colleagues from the Infojardín garden forum, great gardeners who with their knowledge, I was guided on the best way to grow vegetables in pots.

Soon the first book by Josep Maria Vallès appeared, that became a bible and that helped me learn based on a lot of experimentation and trial and error.

Do you recommend someone other than one of your tablemates to follow?, either within the orchard world, or plants, or simply, because you like what he does and how he does it.

I love some American YouTubers, as Laura del Canal Garden Answer the Summer Rayne Oakes and his videos on houseplants.
About orchards, there are Elena de @estoysembra, Gaby of @huertogaby, Gabriel de @cosasdeljardin,  Fran de @mihuertoecologicourbano and Miquera del canal The Family Garden, with complete videos on how to grow vegetables.

Do you combine your work in communication in networks and / or internet with others or do you dedicate yourself completely to it?

I totally dedicate myself to this from the 2012. That year I won the Blogs Catalunya Awards, soon my books came out and I took the opportunity to devote myself entirely to what until then had been a hobby that from time to time, it brought me some extra income.

The advantage of this job is that it has many possibilities: creation of audiovisual content, more or less sporadic projects for brands, articles, translations, and give workshops, which is something I love. It is nothing monotonous and also allows me to travel.

Does it condition you to talk about certain topics the fact that it has more or less repercussion, in the number of visits or likes or you move more the artistic vein?

The only thing that conditions me is to be able to contribute something of value to my followers. And that may be my experience growing a certain vegetable., a product that can solve a problem that you grow in pots or an article that has been published by a colleague and that I think may be of interest.

Talking about topics, just orchard or do you talk about all kinds of plants? And out of the world of plants, can you ever talk about football?, religion, policy, Anything, even if it is tangentially?

As PicaronaBlog I only publish content about orchard. But I'm dedicated to creating content for clients, in which I do talk about all kinds of plants.

About talking about football, politics and religion in the networks... from the first moment I was clear that plants do not understand that and they will not care if they are taken care of by a believer or an atheist.. That's how I see it, and with few exceptions, I try not to touch those issues.

The followers and attention they require, Questions, feedback..., Do you attend to everything and you have to limit it in some way?

The blog and networks are a 24/7 that demands an enormous dedication from you. At the moment, I can afford to answer all the inquiries I receive.

What I have been doing for years is offering an online advisory service to those who need help., especially in its first year. The new apps that we all carry on our mobile phones have simplified it, but the first ones I did by phone and sending us photos by email.

Do you think that the pandemic has incorporated new profiles of followers and fans of the world of the garden?

No doubt. What the statistics count, many people were looking for information on how to start an urban garden or grow all kinds of plants. These contents received many visits and inquiries about which products to choose..

You will be part of a round table on orchards and social networks in this next edition of Iberflora, what do you think of the initiative, you've done something similar before.?

I had the opportunity to participate as a speaker at Iberflora 2018. And yes, I have participated in other round tables and activities related to the environment and sustainability. Personally, I value very positively that Iberflora has influencers from the sector in this next edition. Unlike what happens in other sectors, the gardening has taken many years to realize that their potential customers come to us before with their doubts than directly to the brands.