How to monetize your presence at Iberflora Digital Business

La pandemia ha roto muchas vías de comunicación, se han pospuesto muchas decisiones, quedan muchas conversaciones y temas pendientes.

For this reason, Iberflora ofrece “Iberflora Digital Business”, una plataforma digital que tiene como objetivo ayudar a que empresas, proveedores y clientes mantengan una conversación más fluida, una nueva herramienta para que nuestro sector continúe funcionando.

La plataforma se abrirá al visitante el próximo 6 de octubre y permanecerá abierta hasta enero de 2021, un período en el que las empresas expositoras pueden mostrar sus novedades, productos y servicios de cara a la próxima campaña.

But, ¿cómo puede una empresa expositora sacarle el máximo partido a IDB?


Through the keys sent from the organization of Feria Valencia, exhibiting companies will be able to access their company card. The keys will not be personal, so any employee of the company will be able to access to update the profile without having more than one access.

Once inside the platform, the exhibitor will have a space in which to update their company data, upload your product catalog, upload images and videos representative of the company, and leave your "virtual stand" ready for the arrival of visitors.

  • Communicate:

Once the virtual space destined for the exhibitor has been profiled, it's time to communicate. Iberflora Digital Business offers companies the ability to tell their news through videos, press releases and other digital formats.


Companies will have the ability to contact other, as well as receiving requests from professional visitors to inform the or attempt to reach a trade agreement. These meeting requests will be made within the platform itself, specifying the date and time of the meeting and determining whether it will be by telephone or through a videoconference.

  • Form:

A common situation that an exhibitor finds in face-to-face editions is the impossibility of attending parallel activities and training events held during the contest due to face-to-face attention to the visitor in the stand.

This time the Iberflora Digital Business exhibitor will be able to attend all the online events with which you feel interested, or see them in deferred through our communication channels.

Iberflora will launch a programme of parallel online activities of the 6 rd to 8 October, which will be communicated in advance through a calendar that can be consulted on the platform itself.

Iberflora team we are at your disposal to clarify any doubts that may arise and we hope you can make the most of this unique digital call.

Starting from the 6 October You have an appointment online!