Feria Valencia seguridad

Feria Valencia implements a Security Protocol that makes the site a safe space against the Covid-19

Se establecen controles de temperatura, puntos con gel hidroalcohólico, pasillos y stands más amplios que permitan la distancia social así como la apertura de todos los foros necesarios para que el aforo se ajuste a la normativa.

Feria Valencia digitalizará al completo toda la comunicación con visitantes y expositores al eliminar el papel. Moreover, implantará un sistema de desinfección de grandes superficies y sistemas de ventilación y renovación del aire.

Feria Valencia está implantando un estricto Protocolo de Seguridad que recoge todas las medidas y protocolos sanitarios, hygiene and safety that will take place their next fairs, events and congresses. The Protocol adheres to the regulatory framework imposed by the Who and Government of Spain and has taken into account the work carried out in conjunction with the Association of Spanish Fairs (Afe) and the International Fairs Union (Ufi). The aim is to ensure workers, suppliers, exhibitors and visitors that Feria Valencia is a completely safe space in front of the Covid-19.

Generically, Feria Valencia is enhancing theDisinfection of all contact surfaces in an ongoing process ofgeneral cleaning of its facilities. Moreover, a system ofair renewal through theventilation systems and a number of specific systems will be put in placedisinfection for large spaces.

Arriving at the fair, the visitor must pass atemperature control and you'll have at your disposalMasks andhydroalcoholic gel at each of the access gates. Moreover, access queues will be eliminated by extending the various forums and entries without erttle theObligation to maintain thesocial distance.

Within the pavilions the exhibition areas will be sized to reduce the concentration of stands and visitors and theHalls to reduce visitor density. Feria Valencia has up toseven forums and access gates and over250.000 m2 surface that can be used to boost visitor dispersion.

In the case of events, congresses or side events, the protocol also establishes acapacity control in each of the rooms as well as the complete cleaning of them after use. Attendees will be able to, Likewise, follow the acts throughtelematics media and with the possibility of interaction.

Betting on digitization

Another of the most outstanding measures will be the commitment to a complete digitization in the relationship of Feria Valencia both with its exhibitors and with its visitors. So, to avoid transmission riskswill remove the paper mediafor plan information, visitor guides, list of exhibitors, announcements of side events or agenda of events. All of this will be centrally centralled into aOfficial App that is already underway and through which the visitor and exhibitor can have in his hand and with a single 'click' all the information.

Moreover, Feria Valencia is going to boostSignage of all their space as well as thesignage to make the tour through the enclosure easy, comfortable and safe. The contests will also digitize their conferences, events or presentations so that they can be followed throughtelematics media.

The Protocol also sets out the steps to be taken in the hypothetical detection of some case of Covid-19. This has established a procedure forisolation of suspected cases and the reinforcement of themedical service already existing permanently in the facilities of Feria Valencia.

Feria Valencia has enabled on its website a specific 'microsite' in which all the measures and protocols of safety and hygiene that the institution is implementing and its fair and event products. Throughhttps://www.feriavalencia.com/espacio-seguro/ the public will have access to these measures and all the information available that guarantees that Feria Valencia is a space 100% Sure.