Botanical Garden-Atlantic-Gijón

The Gijón Council renews its confidence in powers for the maintenance of green spaces

DIVERTIA GIJÓN, S.A has extended service, conservation and improvement of the green spaces of the Atlantic Botanical Garden to the company ACCIONA Service a year more, for an amount of 315.000 euros. ACCIONA It has been this service since October of 2017, providing comprehensive management based on criteria of environmental sustainability.

Thereby, ACCIONA will continue performing the tasks of conservation of the aesthetic and sanitary State of vegetation and existing in the garden areas, developing the necessary work to incorporate new botanical collections, the production of the species necessary for replacement, the promotion of rotation exhibitions and new plantations, In addition to the preparation of namespaces to incorporate new botanical species.

ACCIONA Service, in its commitment to sustainability, it applies to its services criteria of sustainable gardening, as well as the use of vehicles and power tools.

The company brings its experience in gardening services, landscaping, cleaning and maintenance in nearby locations such as the Council of Siero, In addition to other cities such as Madrid, Leon, Segovia or Cadiz, in which it carries out the maintenance of green spaces, biosalud areas, Canine recreation and playground areas. ACCIONA also works in emblematic parks and special attractions as in certain historic parks of the city of Madrid (Parque del Retiro, West Park, Sabatini gardens or Alameda de Osuna), areas in which deals with the comprehensive conservation, gardening, irrigation, consumption and monitoring management.

Now ACCIONA has a presence in more of 40 countries, developing its business activity under the commitment to contribute to the economic and social development of the communities in which it operates. In this way the company aims to lead the transition towards a low carbon economy, putting at the service of all innovation processes oriented to optimization and efficient use of resources and respect for the environment.

ACCIONA has participated as an exhibitor in recent editions of Iberflora, International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and DIY Garden, specifically in the Pavilion 3, next to Agora Verde, space in which takes place the International Conference of Arboriculture and landscaping.