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How to get the most out of my stay as an exhibitor at Iberflora?

The team of Iberflora works all year round to make your stay fruitful as an exhibitor during the days at the fair , an investment that makes you feel satisfied.

Iberflora, In addition to being an experiential exhibition, is now in a BUSINESS CENTER, both commercial transactions and their status of relationships within the green industry .

8 reasons to attend Iberflora as exhibitor

1. Get sales (closure of sales or pre-sales) and gain market share.

2. Set up qualified trade contacts:

  • Catchment of new customers.
  • Access to potential customers hardly accessible to the sales network.
  • Loyalty of current customers.

3. Establish relational links with current and potential customers.

4. Find multiple opportunities to penetrate foreign markets. Iberflora may be a strong platform in the settlement or development of the internationalization strategy of the company.

5. A large ampunt of information is accomplished in a short period of time. It is a fundamental tool of market research in the following areas:

  • Analysis of the degree of satisfaction of current or potential customers regarding our products and the competition.
  • Clear view of competition: our position regarding them, pricing policy, type of clients, etc..
  • Knowledge of the problems and new trends in the sector.

6. Identify or capture potential collaborators or partners: suppliers, subcontractors, representatives, importers and distributors.

7. Strenghten the image of the company and enhance public media relations since participation in Iberflora is itself a corporate communication campaign.

8. Iberflora is the ideal platform for the launch of innovations in the Green Sector:

  • Release and promote new products and services.
  • Use this first contact as a product test.

How maximize the results to attend Iberflora as exhibitor?

The process of organizing participation in a trade fair is complex and should be planned, integrate, coordinate and monitor several elements. For this reason it is advisable to start the Organization in advance.

We expose you below the checklist, a guidance tool both deadlines and activities to carry out. Before any question do not hesitate to contact the team of Iberflora.

PHASE 1: Approx.. 8 months beforePHASE 2: Approx.. 5 months beforePHASE 3: Approx.. 4 months beforePHASE 4: Approx.. 2-3 months before PHASE 5: Approx.. 1 month beforePHASE 6: Days prior to the eventPHASE 7: Post fair
1. Technical issues:

  • Request documentation of participation, fill it out and send the request for space booking with the event's organization..
  • Apply for subsidies and grants which the company can provide you (For more information contact the team of Iberflora).
  • Select the stand, the decor and the installer.

2. Communication: Define the communication and promotion plan.

3. Human resources (HR): Inform the company staff involved.

4. Budget: Define budget.

1. Technical issues:

  • The contract with the Organization of the fair.
  • Contract the insurance (theft, fire...).
  • Consult the final location of the stand.
  • Specify the characteristics of the stand (bear in mind objectives and budget available, material to exhibit and Feria Valencia regulations).

2. Communication: Prepare all the promotional material, samples and advertising items (use of the existing and creation of new promotional material).

3. HR:

  • Planning the stay of personnel: transport and travel, accommodation and subsistence allowances.
  • To train stand staff.

1. Technical issues:

  • Program the inscription and advertising contract in the exhibitor catalog (consult deadlines with the managers of the contest).
  • Prepare freight forwarding documents.
  • Supervision of the stand: decorative elements, furniture, procurement of supplies, etc..
  • Specify the transport logistics.

2. Commercial: Prepare price lists (CIF, FOB, etc.).

3. HR: Make reservations for transport and accommodation.

4. Communication:

  • Advertising: contract advertising in specialized press, indicating the location of the stand at Iberflora.
  • Communicate to your customers the parallel acts of the event that may be of interest to you.
  • Control the production of printed media: literature, catalogues, business cards, etc..
  • Press office: develop a press kit.

5. Budget: Review the budget and check the deviations.

1. Technical issues:

  • Send insurance contracts (theft, fire, etc.)
  • Send the documentation to the contracted services.
  • Check receipt of invitations, exhibitors passes, parking cards.
  • Controlled goods to exhibit at the fair.

2. HR:

  • For non-EU exhibitors: check passports, visas and accident insurance.
  • Equipment monitoring control.

3. Commercial:

  • Planning the campaign of visitor recruitment by selecting potential and determine the form of contact with them: telemarketing, mailing, emailing, visits, etc..

4. Communication:

  • Intensify the work of the Cabinet of press for the publication of reports, articles and news about the company.
  • Send company information to Iberflora press Cabinet.
  • Send the programme of activities of the updated event to your customers.

5. Budget: budget revision.

1. Technical issues:
  • The inventory of the stand.
  • Check the hiring of services of the fair.

2. Commercial:

  • Continue the campaign for attracting visitors
  • Develop visitor cards.
  • Perform the planning of visits.

3. HR: confirm reservations for transportation and accommodation.

4. Communication: check the availability of promotional materials (literature, catalogues, etc.).

1. HR:

  • Finalize the details of participation with stand staff: work shifts and attending daily meetings calendar.
  • Make a brief review of its mission (remember the objectives of participation, assignment of tasks and responsibilities, etc.).

1. Technical issues:

  • Tax relief in tax (see conditions in the Art. 34, (1-b) of the Act 43/95 of tax).

2. Commercial:

  • Follow-up of contacts established.
  • Compilation and analysis of available information.
  • Analysis of results.