Collective exhibition of the Center for Art Research and Environment CIAE of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, UPV: Articulated Nature-Divergent Nature. Curated by Paula Santiago and Ana Tomás.

The Geliplate-Free Workshop Titled: Recovered Nature-Nature Copied, led by Tania Ansio tends towards social-collaborative interaction as a trend of learning and dynamization.
Perfomance thanks to the consolidated work of the Lapassa1 group. UPV spontaneous generation group, who are committed to art, life and work invite us brazenly to the visiting public to take a step further: a daring action that under the title: The scream, deserted nature, make us reflect.
Collective exhibition of calcographic engraving on acetate: Cloudy Nature-Entraped Nature.2semestre
Performance Bosquearte:
Plastic Nature or Plankton Nature?
Ocean series
Ana Tomás single exhibition: Ocean Nature-Aquatic Nature
Tania Ansio Single Exhibition: Veiled Nature-Protected Nature
Rosángela Aguilar Solo Exhibition: Let's pándémos, cognitive processes vs environment.

This project incorporates the drawing into the restructuring of a paradigm of the changing context in pandemic/enclosement/new normality. It analyses the social behavior and modification of those of collective materials. Analogies are established between repetition, the routine. Cognitive processes caused by confinement, determine reflections on uncertainty and the surroundings in people's lives.

Human nature from the I experiences dualities of behavior through these cognition processes in which the ambivalence of day-to-day pseudonormative activities prevails: magnified actions, Repetitions, Answers. These responses reflect on analogies in a global situational context that vary depending on the organization of their systems. Each graphical system evokes behaviors of the human condition: Abundance/Organization/Freedom/Order, as well as their antonymps. Different cognitive responses are investigated on the plane from stimulation. Sensitive shipping consisting of or formed by reminiscent images: Visual memory versus sensory stimulation. Order and disorder, unanimity. Separation, the reaction, accumulation, existence, non-existence. Linear lyricity is contradicted in the overlapping photographic image from the imaginary and collective norm.