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Iberflora maintains contacts to organize a round table about historic gardens
31 May 2018

The team of Iberflora with the collaboration of FUNDEM has been working in the Organization of a round table on historic gardens, a project focused on the current problems of the private green areas (gardens and farms) that are few viable from a current perspective.

These spaces usually belong to large estates which often do not see the "profitability" of keeping them.

For this reason, important movements emerged in Europe as the National Trust English, the Italian Environment Fund the FUNDEM in Spain. It's foundations which aim to preserve the natural heritage in their respective countries, educate society and exercise lobby against public administrations function for grants and sponsorship law.

The national trust for places of historic interest or Natural beauty (National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty, better known as National Trust or NT) It is a British conservation organization founded with the intention to preserve and enhance monuments and places of interest
Created in 1895, the "National Trust" became in a century the largest organization of its kind in Europe and the second owner of real estate private United Kingdom, After the Crown.

The NT manages more than 300 monuments and 200 Gardens ranging from megalithic sites to mansions of all-time; has 250.000 hectares of land and 1200 kilometres of coastline, acquired mainly through the protection project “Neptune”. All of these lands are open to the public.

For his part, the Italian Environment Fund (FAI) It is an Italian organization nonprofit founded in 1975 whose objective is the protection, conservation and improvement of natural and artistic heritage in Italy through the restoration and opening to the public of historical goods, artistic and natural received by donation, inheritance or loan.

The FAI promotes education and awareness of the knowledge community, respect and care of nature and art, In addition to intervene in defence of the landscape and the Italian natural heritage territory.

In Spain, FUNDEM was born in 1996 as a private entity without profit dedicated to the conservation of fauna and Mediterranean flora with three main lines of action:

– The dissemination and promotion of the use of native species in gardening, a special interest from the ecological point of view and nature conservation.

– The responsible management of the territory through the purchase and custody of high ecological interest for its comprehensive conservation land.

– The promotion of donations from large gardens and its architectural heritage who by their artistic or historic value deserve to be preserved and they constitute an important tourist and cultural attraction of our country for the enjoyment of citizenship.

Iberflora team had the opportunity of recently interviewing Enrique Montoliu, President of the Foundation, interview in which delves into the nature of FUNDEM and all its areas of activity.

From Iberflora in collaboration with FUNDEM is being conducted rounds of contacts with the end for the establishment of a round table composed of technical English, Italian and Spanish together with large companies and experts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia and representatives of the Administration, a space that would be delimited by an graphic exhibition of emblematic spaces in England, France, Italy and Spain.

Soon I confirm more about this interesting round table insurance to enrich attend Iberflora by lovers of gardens and natural heritage.