Iberflora presents in viveros gardens its 50 anniversary of the hand of the City Council of Valencia

Iberflora anniversary presentation

The Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó and the Deputy Mayor, Sergi Campillo have participated in the presentation ceremony, accompanied by the president of Iberflora Raúl Ferrer and the director of the contest, Miguel Bixquert.

The international plant and flower fair, landscaping, technology and DIY garden celebrates its half century of 5 rd to 7 th of October at Feria Valencia.

Valencia, 29 September 2021.- The Viveros de València Gardens have hosted today the presentation of the commemorative acts of the 50 Iberflora anniversary, as well as the main data and keys of the next edition of this contest, and you will be able to meet them from 5 rd to 7 next month October in Feria Valencia.

The presentation ceremony was attended by the mayor of Valencia and current president of the Board of Trustees of Feria Valencia, Joan Ribó, who has been accompanied by the deputy mayor of the consistory, Sergi Campillo, by the president of Iberflora, Raul Ferrer and the director of the same, Miguel Bixquert.

Iberflora as a "world reference fair"

In his speech, Ribó has highlighted his"ability to undertake, launch new projects and adapt to the moment, that have made it the reference fair beyond our borders". The first mayor has attended the event, that has taken place in the Viveros Gardens, where the first edition of this was held"event that opted for the plant and gardening sector, when it wasn't, far from it, a leading sector".

Ribó has recalled the half century of history of Iberflora, linked to the city of Valencia, "a time of change, growth and also crisis". So, referred to his"consolidation as a world reference fair" at the 2002 competition,"after more than 30 years of experience", when you received 31.000 visits, a 40 % more than in the previous edition, e "began a new period of expansion that was maintained until 2007, moment in which thanks to its solid base, was able to withstand the economic crisis of the following years.".

The mayor has also valued the boost that has been given to the assistance of professionals in urban gardens during the last decade, “an initiative that is in line with the city government", and has pointed out the implementation of"initiatives aimed at promoting urban agriculture, with shared projects and the promotion of direct sales markets" from the Town Hall.

Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, joan ribó continued, Iberflora launched its first digital fair, offering service to professionals, exhibitors and visitors through the app, and among the next 5 and 7 October will return to Feria Valencia, "the place where it became a great event and where it was consolidated as a reference".

For his part, the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Urban Ecology, Sergi Campillo, has described Iberflora as "a benchmark fair for its management and its ability to undertake and for having popularized the interest, not just for flowers or horticulture, but for green infrastructure in capital letters". In this regard, "Valencia in the 2015 decided to take the baton" through "city policies and strategic projects and actions incorporated into an urban agenda designed with social sustainability criteria, environmental and economic".

Campillo has alluded to Pla València Verda, the commitment to the renaturalization of spaces, the extension of the garden network to all neighbourhoods and the preparation of the candidacy to be the European Green Capital in the year 2024, what counts"among its strengths with Iberflora, that has put us on the map of internationalization and sustainability".

"The common home of the whole sector"

For his part, President of Iberflora, Raul Ferrer, thanked the City Council of Valencia for its participation in the event, but also its commitment to Iberflora, that was born from his hand and that celebrated its first edition precisely in Viveros, a few meters from the historic location of the old International Exhibition Fair of Valencia. "We always remember that Iberflora is the common home of all professionals in the sector, a meeting point and also a reactivator of economic activity", Ferrer has stated.

Meanwhile, Miguel Bixquert, director of Iberflora, has made a journey through the history of the contest, who was born in 1971 by the hand of the City Council of Valencia, with the formation and the first meeting of the Organizing Committee of Iberflora, chaired by the Mayor of Valencia. He also explained the data of the sector, that you have had in 2020 and 2021 the best exercises of the last 30 Years."The fair will be a reflection of the good time that the sector is going through", has pointed out.

The director of the event stressed that today the protagonist of the fairs is the visitor."Currently, fairs are held with added value, with parallel activities and training focused on them", has said. “The pandemic has changed everything. That's for sure.. But our sector has been one of the most benefited because we have spent a lot of time at home taking care of our space and our plants.” , Explains. Bixquert, also, has reported that the fair, which will be the first to be held after the pandemic, will complete three pavilions and will have a total of 33.000 square metres of exhibition area, figures that augur a remarkable success of call.