Iberflora and AEPJP reach a collaboration agreement with interesting proposals

Result of the excellent relationship between the two entities, the Spanish Association of parks and public gardenss (AEPJP) and the team of Iberflora just sign a commitment to collaborate with the aim of implementing various training events of interest to the sector.

Thereby, AEPJP will organize during the celebration of Iberflora, from 1 rd to 3 th of October at Feria Valencia, a conference or seminar of technical field which will focus on the urban green infrastructure management tools, which can be very useful for technicians, Municipalities and companies in the sector.

During the event, will be presented and disseminated knowledge, tools and experiences on project management, In addition to currently linked to urban green infrastructure.

The Conference will be held next 2 October, and you will soon reveal more details about the contents of the, so stay tuned to the networks!