Javier Lara (More valero): "The plant sector is strengthened by the change in consumer habits"

More valero es un vivero valenciano que cumple 25 años por la senda del crecimiento y del saber hacer. Con una plantilla de más de 275 employees, ofrecen hoy en día over 200 especies de plantas diferentes, cuyas variedades y formatos de presentación se han seleccionado para satisfacer una amplia variedad de requerimientos climáticos y ornamentales. Iberflora ha hablado con Javier Lara, director del vivero y miembro del Comité Organizador de Iberflora.

First of all, le preguntamos cómo valora la próxima edición presencial de Iberflora: “Lo veo un renacer, una nueva oportunidad de volver a sentirse parte de una sociedad a la que le gusta el contacto personal, el estrechar una mano o el poder charlar. We have seen that the market remains the same without the face-to-face part in fairs or meetings, but they are basic and necessary to make the customer and the provider feel that they are more than two elements of a chain, are many years of anecdotes, Problems, joys and many more feelings."

Lara also values the campaign 2020-2021, both nationally and internationally, highlighting a lower seasonality in the market compared to previous years: “The year 2021 to date it is being an exceptional year in every way. Sales are being higher than the most optimistic forecasts and the lack of plant at the beginning of April is a clear sign. While true, that in these two very complicated years that we are going through the pandemic, the plant sector in general seems to have been strengthened by the change in consumer habits. Both at the level of exports and domestic sales the volume of sales has increased considerably, and above all it seems to stop being so seasonal in the domestic market."

For Javier Lara, the garden center and the florists and shops in the neighborhood of proximity have been the ones that have most noticed a change in consumption during the pandemic: "Being confined to our homes and not being able to do social life has made people value having a careful garden much more., a nice terrace or a more attractive and healthy interior stay. And that's why, than the consumption of plants (either indoors or outdoors) has increased markedly. The channel that in my opinion has most noticed this change in the consumer has been the garden or garden center, the neighborhood florist, i.e. the final point of sale."

However, Javier Lara is more skeptical when it comes to talking about a new consumer profile: "I think the profile is the same, but that he has realized that the needs have changed. That it is more valued to spend quality time in our house with ours, but with a more pleasant environment."