Julian Sáez (Floramedia): “Iberflora is the meeting point between professionals we want and need”

Floramedia, communication and marketing agency specialized in the green sector, works on creative solutions to drive sales from its customers across all channels, clients ranging from nurseries and ornamental plant marketers to the garden center, going through all areas of the auxiliary industry of the sector.

We have been able to talk to Julian Sáez, Ceo of Floramedia Spain and Portugal and member of the Organizing Committee of Iberflora, about the novelties that the company will present at the event, on the direction of the company during this unique campaign and on the evolution of the sector in these years of pandemic. Moreover, as it could not be otherwise, we have asked him about his impressions for the next face-to-face celebration of Iberflora, from 5 rd to 7 th of October at Feria Valencia, a special call for being the 50th anniversary of the contest.

How do you rate your sales campaign 2021?

Our forecasts right now tell us that 2021 will be a year of record turnover in Floramedia Spain and Portugal.

These good data have been spurred on in origin by a notable increase in the consumption of flowers and plants, both in the national and international markets, which has caused nurseries to increase their production and, therefore, its provision of inputs, among which are labels or other products provided by Floramedia. Other companies in the sector, as seed producers and marketers, they have also benefited from increased public interest in plants and gardening., which has resulted for us in a significant increase in the number of packaging and packaging projects for these companies.

Another consequence of the increase in consumption has been that this sector is more palatable for business.. And so, we have detected the incorporation of new companies with the consequent increase in competition to get a piece of the "cake". In this more competitive environment, companies need to differentiate themselves and differentiate their products, what has led to, for Floramedia, in a higher volume of brand design projects, corporate identity, web development or branded content (management and campaigns on social networks, videos, blogs, etc.).

What news does your company offer for this 2021?

Our company will debut in Iberflora 2021 a new image, shared with the rest of Floramedia's companies in Europe, and that will have a first reflection in the new corporate website www.floramedia.es and later in the rest of the company's communication channels.

In terms of products and services, we will present at the fair the latest designs made for custom label collections and plant covers (pot covers to increase the communication surface of the product) and the label fastening system TWIG (a stick made of wood of own development).

In terms of communication services, we will emphasize advanced advertising campaigns in Social Networks, video marketing projects and new influence plans of Guiaverde.com, a tool designed for companies in the sector to make the most of the channels of this professional platform to convey their promotions, product presentations and one-off campaigns.

Do you think the pandemic has changed consumer trends in the sector??

Yes. It is a widespread opinion, also shared by important businessmen and women in the sector who have been transmitting in this series of interviews their vision of the market.

Many of these testimonies show that young people are the group of clients that have increased the most in recent months and, in our opinion, in this process the so-called "plantfluencers" have had a lot to say, who are the specialists in horticulture, gardening, arte floral, interior and exterior decoration that move through social networks and that today already have their own books written, its sponsors and thousands and thousands of followers. These "plantfluencers" have managed to connect with young people (and not so young) and convey their passion for plants. And this has had a definitive effect on the incorporation into the sector of a large group of new buyers.

Therefore, I think that Iberflora has been very successful in proposing for this year a round table in which 6 of the most recognized influencers of the garden world will debate live and tell us their experiences.

What sales channels have benefited in the new situation??

All. Evidently, the strict confinement served to grow the online channel when the rest of the channels were closed, but traditional specialty stores (garden centers, nurseries and florists) have experienced a significant growth in sales and the influx of public once they were able to open their doors. But it is also increasingly common to find live plants in the large distribution. For example, Lidl recently announced in a statement that 2020 had doubled the purchase of flowers, plants and substrates of Spanish origin, reaching the 10 million euros.

How do you assess the face-to-face celebration of Iberflora in the month of October??

From the outset, with great enthusiasm. I like the idea of re-experiencing that motivating tension sooner., during and after this important event that allows us in three days to know, learn, present and share. Thinking that after so long we will have the possibility of meeting again the professionals of the sector without screens in between is a great incentive. Direct personal relationships are an important thing in any business, and I firmly believe that the people who make up the Green Sector value it and live with greater intensity. And Iberflora is the perfect link, the meeting point we want and need.