"La Noche + Iberflora green held the 1 October, first day of fair

An unbeatable atmosphere, the possibility of networking in a relaxed way, delicious hors d'oeuvres and music that happy night: they are the usual ingredients of the great night of gardening and ornamental horticulture sector, "La Noche + Green".

A year, the great night of the Green Sector is preparing to host hundreds of attendees, a mass event that always leaves an excellent taste of mouth to those who enjoy it.

Due to the change of dates of #Iberflora19, que a partir de esta edición tendrá lugar de martes a jueves, "La Noche + Verde también cambia de fecha: will be held on the first day of the contest, the 1 October.

With this change, the organization provides for mass attendance at the gala, you'll enjoy, in addition to exhibitors, garden centres and florists, companies and professionals in gardening and landscaping.

Thereby, al acabar la primera jornada de Iberflora, el sector, sin necesidad de desplazarse fuera del recinto ferial, podrá disfrutar de una noche espectacular junto a compañeros y otras empresas.