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After a hard beginning of year, the sector of gardening in France has a significant sales increase in April with regard to the 2017 Thanks to the favourable weather conditions, among other reasons. The April trade report Promojardin of 2018 comes loaded with good news, as informs us that, After a hard […]

The competition released by Vivercid is now in its last stretch, in the absence of selecting the winning plantation. The contest was born earlier this year with the aim of spreading knowledge about the appropriate handling to achieve the best performance and result in the plantations of this protected variety, the Barberina. In a first […]

Public and local administration are large consumers of the Green Sector. Parks projects, gardens, roads and urban green areas require great planning and plant material. Among the novelties of Iberflora 2018, the Federation of municipalities and provinces-FVMP will collaborate in the IV International Conference of landscaping and Arboriculture. […]

Since 1 st January until today, 31 st of May, industry professionals have proposed candidates who opt to the GARDEN MAGAZINE Awards 2018. For this purpose it has received, as a member of the jury, the list of candidates (a garden center candidate by each autonomous community, a candidate for Andorra and a candidate for Portugal) and […]

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