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The Foundation Enrique Montoliu (FUNDEM) was created in 1996, with the objective of conserving the natural environment in a sustainable manner, In addition to sensitize and involve citizens in conservation of natural heritage. Iberflora has able to interview its President, Enrique Montoliu, in an interview that we show below. For those […]

In its constant endeavour to offer professionals the highest quality and variety in shopping options, Iberflora team held a round of contacts with professionals in the sector of machinery and technology. These meetings indicate a broadening of the supply of machinery and technology for maintenance […]

Recent accidents caused by the fall of trees in parks and public gardens in different Spanish autonomous communities, He has returned to put the need to revise and maintain the arboreal heritage of the cities of today. The gardens are living areas which need a permanent care, prune, clarear, pay, spray etc., they are activities that […]

The renewal of Iberflora exhibitors 2018 March at a very good pace. Almost all of the exhibitors last year have renewed their participation, But what is really new is the presence of new exhibitors. The new reality of the Spanish market and the Eurobrico match is encouraging the presence of new exhibitors […]

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