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Iberflora, International Plants, Flower, Landscaping, Technology and Bricojardín confirms its dates for its edition number 49: will take place from 6 rd to 8 October, keeping the scheme from Tuesday to Thursday as it already happened in the last edition. Iberflora team prepares an ambitious edition for next year, that is […]

The last edition of Iberflora left us, plus great sensations, numbers that show us the evolution and internationalization of the contest. Among these figures we highlight a greater influx of visitors, with an increase of the 5,6%, moving from the 12.414 visits from 2018 to 13.114 in 2019. Professional Visitors Another aspect […]

Iberflora is a unique opportunity for Companies in the Green Sector to show their innovations, but also to enhance your image. And much of that image is transmitted to visitors through the stands. Whether larger or smaller, the Iberflora exhibitor strives every year to show a […]

The international plant and flower fair, landscaping, technology and bricojardín is visited by international buyers from a dozen countries, including Qatar, Morocco, Portugal, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Holland, Ivory Coast and France. The second day has hosted conferences, training activities and floral demonstrations. Iberflora celebrated its second day yesterday […]

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