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Aware of the importance of having a strong foreign presence to give boost to exports sector, Iberflora has already launched its campaign of internationalization with new markets as a priority. Since the sample, European leader in ornamental plant, have completed more than 500 invites buyers from a total of 17 countries.

Almost all of the firms that were present at the Round florists IBERFLORA 2012 have confirmed their participation in this year. Firms like OZ Planten, Verdnatura, Flores Calé or Galacticblum longer display their products in this new initiative of the contest, which includes companies cut flowers and florist accessories and elements present in Iberflora. Moreover, also be present Vendors Association Mercaflor, and has begun negotiations with firms and Elisabeth Rosello Floralbi to participate in the Round.

In addition to the breadth of offering that presents Iberflora, The event is aimed at exploring the promotion of Mediterranean products, authentic flag of the show since its inception So since last year settled an area in the exhibition to present the selected plant or tree in each edition, accompanied by specific areas for flower, Garden and technology.

Los exhibitors will IBERFLORA, again, with the option to present their products to a group of buyers from Iran. This mission is organized by the Iranian Green Innovation Company Co. Ltd. (I.G.I.), which has already officially announced on their website visit, which is produced by second consecutive year.