ORGANIC & RECYCLED, the first compo biológica product range, VEGAN AND SUSTAINABLE

The Organic Brand & Recycled responds to the need to transition to an increasingly green world, betting on the circular economy (reuse materials, reduce waste and preserve natural resources), and fostering a sustainable consumption of raw materials.


The Organic universal peat-free substrate & Recycled, is composed of raw materials of origin 100% vegetable, from recycling processes and with the purpose of respecting nature's resources.

The base of our substrate guarantees a long life, excellent water retention properties and promotes good rooting of the plant.


For his part, universal liquid fertilizer is composed of organic nitrogen and potassium, which guarantees a perfect development of the plant promoting an abundant flowering and tasty fruits.

For this liquid fertilizer only ingredients of vegetable origin are used, that is, Vegans, made from by-products of the food industry. Contributing in a valuable way to the protection of our environment by recycling raw materials.