Oscar Calabuig: "If you want to be someone in the green sector you must be at Iberflora"

The President of the reference event in Europe ensures that Iberflora figures are very good: already has with 211 Exhibitors, a 57,5% more than last year for these dates.

Question. What we will find in Iberflora 2019?

Response. Many offer, many training and many new features. This year grow the plant and flower sectors and consolidates the area of garden machinery. The technology will continue to have great importance and the Salon of landscaping and Arboriculture will triple its surface, as well as the number of exhibitors. There will be suppliers of gardening centres, great distribution and florist. Moreover, be held one year more the Iberflora Cup of Floral Art and expected overnight + Green".

P. What are the novelties will be present??

R. One of the most outstanding novelties of this year is that Efiaqua and Ecofira share date with Iberflora. In this way there will be more choice for groups and councils, What will connect product and service. Moreover, Iberflora launches a new creation and research space called Iberflora labs, commitment to innovation and the growth of the event and will be starring Bio businesses in this first edition. There will be training, consulting sessions, etc.. Will be also held the first national contest of professional gardening, that I organized in collaboration with the Spanish Federation of gardening companies (Cock).

P. Expectations they are shuffling for this new edition from the Organizing Committee?

R. Very positive. We have very good figures and still missing two months. For example, There's 202 Exhibitors, a 67% more than last year, and 35 of them had never been Iberflora, which means that we still have space to grow. I think it will be a very good Edition.

P. Why is Iberflora a mandatory appointment in the professional calendar?

R. It is the most important event of the sector in Spain and one of the most important in Europe which come professionals from around the world. To be in the industry you have to be at Iberflora. It is a mandatory appointment.

P. Iberflora has signed an agreement with the Spanish Association of parks and public gardens, What can we tell from this collaboration?

R. The Spanish Association of parks and public gardens brings together municipal technicians from major cities. This agreement will help us to empower companies and suppliers of professional gardening and also collaborate in the papers and on the jury of the national award of gardening.

P. This year are celebrating for the first time this competition, What can you tell us of this pioneering initiative in Spain?

R. Effectively. It is the first time that held nationwide. We have managed to involve all entities that are part of the Federation, all their territories. They will present ephemeral gardens, It will be during the whole show, under the concept of 'health'. The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness of the need to incorporate space landscaped in urban areas and promote synergies among the different professional figures of the sector: landscape, gardeners, nurseries, biologists, artists… I think it will be a sight to see.

P. What role has the landscaping in this new form of structuring cities? What you will find at Iberflora landscaping professionals?

R. Iberflora celebrates 'V days of landscaping and Arboriculture' papers and presentations by world-class. For example, will discuss new sustainable urban landscapes and the importance in the cities of the future, BioMimetic cities and architecture and urban landscape. There will be debates about public parks and gardens. A very interesting programming for all the professionals of this sector.

P. From your point of view, do you think that we are moving towards the Green contract? What role will the sector in the Smart cities??

R. One of the fundamental pillars of the green cities are plants. What we call the Green contract. But it has many more legs: The water, energy, environmental efficiency... All are essential in the creation of more sustainable cities, more natural. The Green is undoubtedly, necessary to achieve this.

P. Not only Iberflora has overcome the crisis, but it has been gaining prestige at national and international level. What is at the moment in the European panorama of fairs of the sector?

It is one of the most important in the world and, definitely the most important of Spain. I think we are dealing with an Honourable second place after German leaders. Gain international presence is still a priority for Iberflora. We think Iberflora can be the world reference for Mediterranean producers.

P. What you would say you to those who have not visited this event still?

R. That have to come if you want to be part of the green sector. It is where the industry moves, all the latest news, trends. So that you see and you know you have to be at Iberflora.