Phytoma-Spain presents in Iberflora 'Las mycorrizas, an agro-ecological strategy to optimize crop quality'

Phytoma-Spain one more edition will participate in Iberflora, where he'll present his latest editorial news: Mycorrhizals, an agro-ecological strategy to optimize crop quality, by Maria C. Jaizme-Vega, coordinator of Research Programs and director of the Department of Plant Protection of the Canary Institute for Agricultural Research (ICIA).

It is a practical manual on the fungi forming of arbuscular mycorrhizals and their essential role in the development of plants, facilitating the acquisition of nutrients, improving water relationships and optimizing their health, in addition to contributing to soil quality.

This book discusses the importance of these microorganisms on agrosystems and the possibilities of use of these beneficial fungi in agriculture, taking advantage of its role as nutrition enhancers and promoters of microbial biodiversity. Also their role as bioindicators of soil health, as well as natural filters against polluting heavy metals, while as tolerance enhancers against crop diseases and pests.

Maria C. Jaizme-Vega wanted to bring the reader closer to that great unknown that is the soil and facilitate the approach to the secrets of underground life and the complex microbial interactions to be able to manage the gardens better and more carefully, orchards, nurseries and crops, monetizing the advantages of mycorrhrotheritic fungal populations as a biological resource, with the consequent benefits on biodiversity and sustainability of agricultural and natural systems.

With this launch, Phytoma, editorial referent in Plant Health, contributes to expanding knowledge about soil biological components and the effects of agricultural practices on microbial activity, who have so far not received enough attention.

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