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Iberflora commercial team has started a round of contacts with the leading garden equipment, exterior decoration and gift, to complete the range of sectors linked to the exterior spaces of the housing. A regular customer of a Garden is usually performed between 3 and 5 visits per year, to increase these […]

The 2017 Opens a new scenario for the sector, that each year it renews to adapt to the needs of the market. Iberflora has been established a series of commitments that ensure each year an edition of the fair the most complete, covering all the aspects that are current and growing interest for the […]

The new image, the specialized agency responsible Floramedia-Floracom, follow the guidelines in the previous edition and incredibly inaugurated, but this issue is more focused message in the global character of the fair Iberflora: a world in itself, where every year during 3 days together in the same space the firms princpales […]

The number of exhibitors in the edition 2016 Iberflora grew 22% the previous edition, passing 408 up 500. This growth was both direct exhibitors (296 last year), as in the group of indirect exhibitors (204 in 2016). The data also improved in terms of net area […]

The number of visitors to editing 2016 Iberflora grew 21% the previous edition, to reach the figure of 10.796 people, making it the best year in a decade. This growth affected both domestic and foreign visitors, which mainly they came from markets […]