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David Albadalejo Domenech, master gardener in Vialterra environment S.L, you will be responsible for representing the Valencian Community in the first national prize of gardening professional FEEJ–IBERFLORA. This landscaper studied at Middlesex University, UK, and he worked at the Botanical Garden in London. Since years develops its work in […]

Landscaper Jose Souto, by Innova Landscapes, representative of Galicia and AGAEXAR at the I National Prize for Gardening FEEJ–IBERFLORA José Souto Piñeiro (Marín, Pontevedra) is a landscaper and creator of open spaces, carefully naturalized outdoor stays based on know-how and respect. Customer respect, to your desires and needs, to your well-being, […]

The impact, mainly in Tenerife, the work of the landscape architect Fernando Ascanio friend is clearly recognizable, marked the island's interventions in which surprises by the use of different volcanic materials ordered provisions, clean profiles and increasingly tuned drawing, marking a sharp contrast between eruptive violence of the […]

Antonio Navarro Plumed and Miguel Murillo Robles, Ebro garden Aragon s.a represent APHARNS and the Middle Valley of the Ebro in the I Prize of gardening FEEJ-Iberflora gardening as well as ideas requires, above all, ex officio. Are expert hands that make a lasting and beautiful garden. Know-how gardener is not improvised, […]

The European Association of economy and competitiveness (AEDEEC) has granted to landscaping Digital SL , the distinguished European gold medal for merit in work 2018 in recognition of their work and business management, in the latter 11 years in the service of design and education. Created as a non-profit organization for […]

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