VALIMEX enters fully into the hobby substrate market with its new automatic bagger and final line and palletizing equipment

Valimex, company that in 2022 will comply 50 years, pioneer in the introduction of Sphagnum peat in Spain and exclusive supplier of the German peat and substrate brand Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH for seedbeds, nurseries and distribution companies, has made a strong investment in its facilities in order to be able to cover the production of substrates for hobby that the market is demanding.

Now you will not only be able to continue with the production and bagging of hydrated coconut in 70L bags with the HORTICOCO brand, but it has also renewed the line of substrates for hobby BELJARDIN that offers in its different formats (10L, 20L, 50L and 70L).

The great competitive advantage that Valimex has is that it uses top quality raw materials such as German peat from Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH, which is one of the largest peat companies globally, present in more than 60 countries, and that produces peats and substrates considered of the best quality.

This has made it easier for Valimex to reach all its customers, saving the current serious crisis of widespread lack of supply that affects worldwide due to the lack of containers and stock of raw materials.

Apart from peat, both blonde and black and the mixture of both, mixes can be made with coconut, perlite, vermiculita, worm humus, ... obtaining different final substrates according to structure (fine/medium), pH (6 which is the standard or acid or basic according to the crop to be carried out) and desired degree of fertilization (with NPK complexes, microelements and iron chelates to offer optimal conditions to the plant).

It also offers nurseries and companies of distribution and commercialization of substrates the possibility of manufacturing these substrates for hobby with the desired composition in any of the formats mentioned and with the name, customer logo and brand. You just have to provide us with the plastic coil with its design and the appropriate characteristics to the ensacadora equipment to be able to manufacture your substrate trucks.