Vicente Gil Mascarell: “We never stop stepping on the land of crops and points of sale to hear personally what professionals need”


Mascarell Semillas returns to Iberflora after meeting 100 years as a company. We speak with your CEO, Vincent Mascarell, that tells us about the importance of being an innovative company and at the same time keeping in mind the experience accumulated by the generations that have preceded it.

¿Cuáles son los objetivos de Mascarell Semillas para esta edición de Iberflora?¿Qué espera de la feria?

For Mascarell Seeds acudir a Iberflora después de esta época tan complicada supone una oportunidad para compartir nuestros nuevos proyectos e ilusiones, además de reencontrarnos con nuestros clientes y amigos en un marco de negocio inmejorable como es Iberflora.

La empresa acude con marca e imagen renovada al certamen… ¿Podremos ver en la feria los nuevos envases? ¿Presentarán novedades en su catálogo?

Effectively, taking advantage of our centenary we present a Restyling brand general, modernizing the existing one both at the corporate level and at the product image level, but maintaining the essence of the aesthetics that identifies us as a company. Most of our packaging is already available with the new image and we will progressively replace the current ones in the points of sale. In addition to the new Restyling, we will present new varieties that we will incorporate into the next catalog that will be released at the end of the year.

In a year of skyrocketing sales in the sector, how is it being 2021 for your company?

Indeed last season 2020/2021 we had sales out of expectations taking into account the forecasts or uncertainties of the first phases of Covid-19. We see that the trend in this campaign 2021/2022 at the moment it remains at the same or similar levels as the past and I am convinced that certain habits acquired by society in these times in gardening, urban gardens, domestic horticulture, etc.. are here to stay. That is why we hope that this year we can continue in the line of growth.. The Covid factor has greatly accelerated the growth and expansion of the green sector.

What are the most successful products this season for your company??

We have two clearly differentiated campaigns, with common products in both and others more seasonal. If I had to highlight any it would be any of our lines of hobby envelopes along with legumes, bulbous and cespitous.

The brand celebrated its centenary last year... If you look back, How would you define the evolution and history of Mascarell Semillas??

Indeed last year was the year of our centenary, health circumstances prevented us from celebrating it with our customers, workers, suppliers, collaborators and friends, so this edition of Iberflora is the ideal place to meet and celebrate it.

Defining my company's history is not easy for me, I have lived it from within and grown up with it. Since its inception we have always been a family business, very close to its customers, with values and motivations that we pushed each generation to love what we do, with principles and reasons that go beyond our commercial offer and that is where the basis is to connect with our customers, whom we also consider friends, to differentiate ourselves and be a recognizable and unique brand.

In the latter 25 for years we have opted for the improvement of our production systems in terms of seed production, in the packaging and marketing processes and in the development of new varieties with the aim of adapting to the current and future demands of the market.

We have always done it without losing the essence of our company that goes through the proximity with our customers. We always look to the future, but always remembering where we come from. I always keep in mind everything I learned from my family. Yes, as I said we make improvements in all fields, we explore ideas in search of new products, we analyze the quality of our seeds in our laboratory and in field trials to ensure optimal germination and varietal quality, But we never stop speaking the language of our customers, to step on the land of the crops to hear personally what the professionals of the field need and also our points of sale. That's Mascarell Seeds, to be a company with international projection and at the same time a close and open family for all farmers, horticulturists and gardeners and gardeners.