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Uno de los grandes atractivos de la 41 edición de Iberflora será la presencia de un autobús de línea muy particular. Con una estructura idéntica a la de los autobuses que circulan por cualquier ciudad de España, su rasgo distintivo es su techo, cubierto por un manto de vegetación que hace posible una gran reducción del impacto de las emisiones de CO2 que su motor emite a la atmósfera.

25 septiembre 2012

Wednesday 3rd October DINAMIZA EVENT SOLUTIONS FOR MAKING THE ORNAMENTAL SECTOR MORE COMPETITIVE Organiser: PROJAR 09:00 h Dinamiza Breakfast (private) 10:00 h Round table. Moderator: Paco Negre. – Dª Isabelle Falger  –  Valencia Plant Export – D. Philippe Ellul  –  Ninsar Agroscience – D. Tomás Guillén  –  Grupo Ifedes – D. Manel Barot  –  FloriPro […]

Semillas Fitó is once again supporting Iberflora and is doing so, for the very first time at an Iberflora fair, by opening a classroom to all professionals visiting the fair where experts from the world of gardening and marketing will be giving talks.

The pet and pet accessories sector will be the subject of one of the sessions scheduled for IBERFLORA’s Dinamiza (Energise) event. Next Friday, 5th October starting at 10.30 José Luis García, National Sales Manager for Royal Canin, will be highlighting the potential the sector offers in a lecture titled “The appeal of the petfood sector”.

news 10 foto noticia fitóIBERFLORA has included the 1st Working Forum on Competition in the Green Sector in its programme of parallel events.  The forum is being organised in collaboration with Projar and is being structured as two sessions, the first of which will be devoted to the search for solutions for making the ornamental sector more competitive.

Over the years IBERFLORA has become an exclusive business forum for professionals, who come to the fair to build contact and, on many ocasions, close substantial business deal. The exhibitors make a significant financial investment to take part in the fair, so they want to make the very most of every day it is open, arranging as many meetings as possible.