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Biologist Anna Traveset, awarded the Jaime I prizes for their contributions in plant reproductive biology
8 June 2017

This week the ceremony took place in the King Jaime I awards, the jury was composed nothing more and nothing less than by 18 Nobel Laureates.

The 29th edition of the prestigious ceremony was first gathered up by women, that it imposed in four of the six awards. They were 200 initial candidates, and only 6 took the award: Fernando Martín García (Basic research), Alicia Asin Perez (Entrepreneur), Susana Marcos Celestino (New technologies), Josep Dalmau Obrador (Clinical medicine), Carmen Herrero white (Economy) and Anna Maria Traveset Vilagines (Protection of the environment). Each award is endowed with an amount of 100.000 euros.

Although all of them, in their respective fields, they deserve a huge congratulations already not for the award, but by their exemplary careers, Iberflora we make special emphasis on the biologist Anna Traveset, Award-winning protection of the environment, Research Professor at Imedea (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC-Universitat de les Illes Balears, UIB) in Mallorca.

The jury highlighted the contributions of Anna Traveset knowledge of the reproductive biology of endangered plant species and the evolutionary ecology of plant-animal interactions, especially in the plant for pollination and seed dispersal mutualisms, In addition to contributing to the dissemination and understanding of island ecosystems and the impact of invasive species of plants on biodiversity along with their commitment to bring environmental awareness to society.

The researcher, He has directed 15 doctoral theses, It has celebrated the award with fellow and has advanced to the 100.000 It will allocate EUR of award to hire more people in the bag ("You are great", She added) and as an incentive to continue working.

Since Iberflora We give our most sincere congratulations and encourage them to continue spreading his knowledge of island ecosystems. Congratulations!