The importance of green areas in cities

For a few years, you are experiencing a change in the way of life of the people, It leads them to prefer the cities or large agglomerations to rural environments, and this can be seen in villages ever disappear more into peoples, and these cities. This increase of the population and urban planning can seriously damage the environment. According to the report of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) presented at the Johannesburg Summit, the population projections for the 2025 they will amount to some 9.300 millions of people, growing because of 75 millions of people per year - on the 1,5% average-, mostly relevant to countries in developing, for the year 2050 they will triple its population until reaching the 1.860 millions of people.

According to Carlos Priego Gonzalez's channel, ‘the importance of green areas in cities is what positive effects they have on the resident population, effects that can occur in various areas of social: In the environmental or ecological consciousness; in the process of rooting (embeddedness) the community and socio-cultural identities construction, in the sense of security, or in the physical and mental health of citizens among others.’

Carlos Priego talks about this topic and many other points about the Green Areas in the cities in this very interesting article that you can read the full in this link.

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