Bosco Verticale
Milan 2014. Residential, by author Stephano Boeri.
IKEA Vienna
New IKEA store, Vienna 2021. Commercial.
Campus Repsol
Corporate Headquarters. Bureaux. Architect, Rafael de la Hoz.
Espai Verd
Valencia 1991. Residential. Architect, Antonio Cortes.
Stepping Park House
Ho CHi Minh 2018. Private housing. Architect, Vo Trong Nghia.
Bilbao 2012. Restaurant by Eneko Atxa.

After a few months of break, Iberflora recovers volume II of its laboratory of ideas, that will bet on the connection with nature and defend the need for green spaces in all areas of society, a reality that has become even more evident after the months lived in confinement.

Valencia, June 2020.- Iberflora, the international plant and flower fair, landscaping, technology and light garden that is celebrated of the 6 rd to 8 th of October at Feria Valencia, met today to finalize the details of what will be the second edition of Iberflora Labs, the first space for reflection and innovation in the plant and garden sector in Europe.

In volume II, Iberflora Labs to talk about Biophilia (or love for nature) and will focus on conquering green in the home, in commercial spaces, in offices and any other public space. An idea that, also, after confinement has gained particular importance. The house has been the main protagonist of these last few months and people have taken refuge in it.

"The garden, the terrace, plants have regained prominence for the well-being they provide. In addition to quality of life and purifying the air, have always been there, have made us a lot of company", Miguel says Bixquert, director of Iberflora, adding that the theme of this second volume, thought out several months ago, squares perfectly with everything that's being lived globally.

Today, bio-filia is back in full date. With more than 50% of today's world population living in cities of more than 300.000 Inhabitants, and with a forecast for 2050 that this percentage reaches the 70% of the population, it is absolutely necessary to review the spaces in which we live, we work and we entertain.

De facto, more and more architectural examples connect building and nature: the Bosco Verticale of Milan, the three-star Michelin restaurant Azurmendi in Biscay or the Repsol Campus in Madrid are just some of the names that have the biophilic design in its skeleton.

Iberflora will thus defend its commitment to green in all spaces of society, as well as the need to be increasingly connected by nature.