Iberflora Digital Business Parallel Activity Calendar

Iberflora, International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and Bricojardín presents this October its digital edition, Iberflora Digital Business, una alternativa necesaria al certamen presencial, bewildered by the coronavirus pandemic, and una herramienta de promoción segura y efectiva entre los profesionales del sector verde.

Y como no podía ser de otro modo, y como en cualquier convocatoria ferial, Iberflora Digital Business cuenta con un completo programa de actividades paralelas dirigidas tanto al visitante profesional como al expositor.

Todas estas actividades podrán seguirse de forma virtual a través del canal de Youtube de Iberflora, de la web oficial del certamen y del resto de canales sociales (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).

But, ¿Cuáles son las actividades programadas?

6 October
9:00 h.
Inauguración IDBEntrevista a Miguel Bixquert, Director de Iberflora

6 October
12:00 h.
Roundtable: "The horticulture and gardening market behind the pandemic: the vision of nurseries and plant and flower marketers"


Con la participación de:

Mr. Emilio Estévez, managing director of Coplant (Galicia)
Ms. Isabelle Falger, CEO of Valencia Plant Export (Valencia)
Mr. Angel Villarino, CEO of Fitoralia (Barcelona).
Mr. Raul Ferrer, commercial director of Orvifrusa (Valencia).
13 October 10:00 h.Roundtable: "The horticulture and gardening market behind the pandemic: the vision of the green sector's auxiliary industry"

Con la participación de

Mr. Raul Montoro, director of SBM Life Science's Iberia subsidiary.
Mr. Xavier Merino, CEO of Sipcam Garden.
Mr. Juan Galindo, Floragard sales director at Iberia.
Mr. Alberto Figueroa, commercial director of Maceflor.
20 October 10:00 h.Interview with D. Gustavo Marina, landscaper and organizer of the Green Infrastructure Days of Iberflora.
27 October
10:00 h.
Roundtable: "The horticulture and gardening market behind the pandemic: the retail sector's vision in the gardening market"

Con la participación de:

Ms. Paula Orozco, president of the Spanish Association of Gardening Centers.
Mr. James Alagarda, president of the Spanish Federation of Gardening Companies.
Ms. Olga Zarzuela, director of the Spanish Association of Florists.
Mr. Paco Rico, head of communication and marketing at Verdnatura.
4 November 10:00 hoursInterview with Inma Gascón, head of park and garden service at Palma de Mallorca City Council and a member of the Spanish Association of Arboriculture.
10 November 10:00 hoursInterview with Lupe Martin, CEO at Lalalá Food Brands and space organizer Iberflora Labs.

In addition to this calendar of activities, both users and visitors will be able to enjoy during Iberflora Digital Business the exhibitions and collective exhibitions organized by the Center for Art and Environment Research- CIAE, the Bosquearte Project and the Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The collective samples open are as follows:

  1. Collective exhibition of the Center for Art Research and Environment CIAE of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, UPV: Articulated Nature-Divergent Nature. Curated by Paula Santiago and Ana Tomás.
  1. The Geliplate-Free Workshop Titled: Recovered Nature-Nature Copied, led by Tania Ansio tends towards social-collaborative interaction as a trend of learning and dynamization.
  1. Perfomance thanks to the consolidated work of the Lapassa1 group. UPV spontaneous generation group,  who are committed to art, life and work invite us brazenly to the visiting public to take a step further: a daring action that under the title: The scream, deserted nature, make us reflect.
  1. Collective exhibition of calcographic engraving on acetate: Cloudy Nature-Entraped Nature.2semestre
  1. Performance Bosquearte: Plastic Nature or Plankton Nature?

And the individual permanent exhibitions:

  1. Ana Tomás single exhibition: Ocean Nature-Aquatic Nature.
  1. Antonio Tomás Single Exhibition: Sustained Nature-Rural Nature.
  1. Tania Ansio Single Exhibition:  Veiled Nature-Protected Nature
  1. Rosángela Aguilar Solo Exhibition: Let's pándémos, cognitive processes vs environment.
  1. Bosquearte trajectory exhibition: Evaporated nature-empty nature

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