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What is Iberflora?

Iberflora It is the great professional event of the green sector in Europe and a reference among fairs gardening. Increased trade and training provision within the plant business, flowers, landscaping, gardening, technology and DIY garden professional industry calendar and more: technical conferences, exhibitions, Congress, demonstrations, awards, exhibitions…

When it will be held?

Iberflora will be held from 6 rd to 8 October of 2020.

What you'll find in Iberflora?

Thorough training and Entertainment. Professional Iberflora is visiting exhibitions, thematic areas, exhibitions and special performances dedicated to the most diverse varieties of plant and flower. Moreover, the parallel celebration of Iberflora innovation is a unique opportunity to be up to date on product, services and business trends in the green sector.

Who exhibits?

All kinds of companies operating in the fields of plant, garden care, utensils and tools, decoration and outdoor furniture, florist, machinery and installations.

Moreover, Iberflora has incorporated in its latest editions related sectors such as landscaping and floristry.

These are areas you'll find at the fair:

  • Plant and flower: nurseries and producers of interior plant, outdoor and seasonal.
  • Gardening, Arboriculture and landscaping: projects, maintenance, sustainability and services.
  • Technology: greenhouses, irrigation, air conditioning, logistics, machinery, etc..
  • Bricojardín: suppliers of gardening and the large distribution centers.
  • Florist: Florist suppliers; cut-flower, artificial, sponges, paper, tapes, tools, ons, etc..
  • Health space: for providers of products and services of phytotherapy, medical cannabis, healthy eating, aromatic and healing plants, etc..

Who visits us?

Since the first edition of Iberflora in 1972, Professional visitor profile has been expanding unstoppably to accommodate all operators that make up what we know today as "Green sector".

  • Garden Centres
  • Nurseries producing and selling
  • Gardening/environment-friendly companies, public and private
  • Florists, companies events and gift shops
  • Large areas of distribution
  • Farm stores, agricultural cooperatives and machinery
  • Stockists, shops proximity and bazaars
  • For sale online
  • Channel grow
  • Training centres and academies

All, obtained year after year, a highly satisfactory response to their professional needs in Iberflora.

Fact sheet

Iberflora, International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and DIY Garden


6 rd to 8 October 2020

6 and 7 October of 9 to 19 hours
8 October of 9 to 18 hours



Entrance: Free upon accreditation
At the box office: 20€ (8 October 10 €)

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