Interview with Ignasi Puertas (COMPO): "The garden deserves its own space that allows to show the great potential of this category"


COMPO will be one of the 4 companies that will star the new space "We take you to the Garden" during the next edition of Iberflora. We chatted with Ignasi Puertas, Commercial Director – Iberia & LATAM, who has told us about the origin of this new space dedicated to the garden, as well as the growth trend of this product category on the shelves.

What are your objectives for this edition of Iberflora, after more than a year and a half without face-to-face sectoral competitions?

For COMPO, same as for the rest of the companies in the sector, this edition of Iberflora is very special. It is clear that this time business will be in the background, that doesn't mean they stop being important to us., but our priority in the first face-to-face edition after the pandemic is to meet again with our customers, Contributors, Suppliers... We probably won't be able to hug each other yet., but knowing that they are okay and being able to see them in person after so long fills us with satisfaction..

¿What news visitors to Iberflora can find 2021 at your stand?

The next edition of Iberflora is full of surprises from the hand of COMPO.

We cannot yet anticipate events, but it is worth mentioning that, according to our strategy, we will present novelties in all product categories.

Similarly, environmental awareness is growing, therefore we will present two new concepts that respond to the needs of consumers more aware of the care of the environment.

From COMPO we have deposited all our enthusiasm and effort to be able to present all our offer of novelties. We invite you to meet them at the COMPO stand!

His company is one of the protagonists of the new space "We take you to the garden". What is this initiative??

The care and cultivation of the garden as a hobby and for self-consumption has become a great discovery for many, and goes beyond being just a trend. For this reason and after meeting with the rest of the partners, Hortalia, Fitoralia and Rocalba, we believe that the "Garden" deserves its own environment that brings together the leading brands of the garden and allows us to offer a space not only focused on networking but also on offering different activities and workshops that allow to show the great potential of this category.

What will be the contribution of your company to this space dedicated to the practice of the recreational garden?

Under the brand COMPO Huerto Urbano, we will offer our range of organic products for the care and maintenance of the garden.

In addition to offering the right products to have a fresher garden and tastier fruits and vegetables, in the space "We take you to the garden" we want to transmit the good moments that the garden allows you to enjoy with other people: for example, a dinner on the terrace surrounded by plants and prepare an appetizing aperitif to the guests with your own fresh ingredients.  

The products of the Huerto Urbano range offer experiences and moments, and that is what we intend you to experience in the space "We take you to the garden".

What are the synergies of your company with the other three firms that will participate in the space "We take you to the garden"?

Both for COMPO and for the rest of the partners that collaborate in the space "We take you to the garden", we understand the concept of the garden as the pleasure of doing it yourself Plant,…Smell,…Taste,… and share!

From this space we intend to share this philosophy with the rest of collaborators and companies in the sector. In the same way, each of the supplier companies, share their knowledge and learning through workshops and activities. We encourage you to visit the space that will occupy the center of pavilion number 4.

The category of products for the garden is one of the fastest growing in recent months. What is the reason for this positive development??

The difficult period that we have had to live as a result of the pandemic has given rise to a "desire for green”: many people have started to cultivate, plant, plant…

This trend is very encouraging for the category, for this reason, for Iberflora 2021 we put special effort in our concept of Urban Garden, a concept that integrates and responds to the needs of this new gardening target at all levels of our commercial proposal.

Are you confident that this trend will continue in the coming years??

Having a garden is a very fun activity, relaxing and decreasing stress... It has become a way to face the limitations of the pandemic and to find a space in which to feel at ease., learn and relax.

Far from being just a trend with an expiration date, raising awareness of the environment and greater concern for their health, make the orchard occupy a very relevant position for the future of the sector.