Iberflora Digital Business: the Green Sector meeting on the network, from 6 October to the end of January

Circumstances have changed, but companies need to keep working, por eso Iberflora desea seguir siendo el punto de partida de la nueva temporada.

Iberflora Digital Business es la respuesta a las exigencias de un sector verde que no puede parar, is a safe and effective communication and promotion tool between professionals, una forma fácil y muy económica de estar presente en el mercado.


The project is the sum of four ideas:

  • A interactive catalog of companies, segmented by sector, products and provenance.
  • A contact generator y agendas de forma directa, without intermediaries.
  • A marketplace de productos, organized by categories and pointing out the news in each of them, so you can find what you're looking for quickly.
  • A online content platform, where users will be able to perceive the essence of the parallel activities that take place in face-to-face editions, as well as to know the news and services of companies in the sector through various digital formats.

Iberflora Digital Business will start the next 6 de octubre y permanecerá abierta hasta finales de enero, a period in which the sector can take advantage to soak up all the news for the campaign 2020-2021, a campaign that will be crucial for businesses and in which, Wish, commercial normality reigns.

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