Iberflora, Ecofira and Efiaqua certify the success of the 'green' macrocall’ with more internationality and quality visitor

Quotes related to the green sector, the environment and municipal services close their doors with a very satisfactory balance in which the increase in 15% in international visitors in the case of Iberflora and the consolidation of the professional visitor from the municipal world for Ecofira and Efiaqua. The three quotations have achieved widespread applause from professionals for the synergies established around the city 'green’ sustainability.

Iberflora closes its 48th edition with very satisfactory results. The sense of optimism and recovery from the green sector has been palpable both in the aisles and in the stands, who have applauded the convergence with the Ecofira and Efiaqua fairs. The number of international visitors is growing in a 15%, from more than 20 countries, among those germany, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Morocco, Algeria or Saudi Arabia. It has also increased the number of foreign exhibitors that amounts to almost 90. Iberflora thus continues its growth as a reference fair not only in Spain but also internationally.

The main developments of the contest, Iberflora Labs and the First National Professional Gardening Competition, have been enthusiastically received and consolidated for the next edition, that will be held again with days in the Green Agora, Treeclimbers arboriculture space and activities in the Florist Round. “We are happy that after difficult years for the sector we have managed to recover and improve. And also grow and internationalize”, has secured the president of Iberflora, Oscar Calabuig. For his part, the director of the contest, Miguel Bixquert, highlighted the work and the effort of exhibitors they've managed to “come to the fair with a modern image and very careful spaces that have given value to the contest”.

For his part, Ecofira and Efiaqua have also closed their doors this afternoon consolidating a fair model that in this edition have oriented towards a sample of equipment and services for municipalities and cities under an environmentally supportive lensand. As the director of both quotes explained, Stephen Hill, for whom “we can clearly say that Ecofira and Efiaqua have established the way in the municipal area. We have had visitors over the three days of a very high profile, from mayors to councillors and top managers in municipal tenders and environmental management”. Cuesta has highlighted the value that has been given to the innovations shown in the 'Smart Street’ by Ecofira and Efiaqua, “No doubt, the big attraction of this fair” and he's explained how few where these kinds of fairs are going, a “greater dynamism and a leading innovation of the world understood from the point of view of sustainability”.