"Iberflora is the best showcase to connect with our customers and present the novelties of the catalogue"

Interview with Àngels Roca, General Manager of Rocalba, in which he talks about the novelties that the company will present at Iberflora, as well as their perception of how the campaign is going.

The spring-summer campaign started with widespread rains in almost the entire peninsula, although they were dissipating later to welcome the good weather. How do you value from Rocalba the last sales campaign?

This spring has been atypical for all agents in our sector. The first two months of the year, due to the good weather and memories of the campaign lived last spring 2021, there was a considerable increase in consumption. What made us make a very good pre-campaign and start the season with a lot of positivity. This pace slowed down during March and April, as you say, due to the rains and low temperatures that delayed the arrival of spring. The following two months have been correct and with a positive trend but the negative impact suffered during the two most critical months is difficult to compensate in full..

It is true that we compare the spring-summer campaign 2022 with the 2021, which was a success for the sector. To be more objective, we must compare this year's figures with those of the spring 2019 and add the consolidated increase of the new consumer.
In short, for Rocalba, the first half of the year has been, as a whole correct and the company's growth trend remains positive.

The orchard has become an important section in the garden center, and the horticultural community has been getting bigger and bigger in Spain, to the point that hundreds of people share their knowledge and experiences in the garden in the networks. Do you think that the number of garden enthusiasts will continue to increase in the coming years?? Why?

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have experienced an increase in garden enthusiasts and at the sectoral level continuous work is being done to consolidate this figure. The new consumer target is active in social networks and benefits us as a tool to disseminate knowledge and passion for green. A tool that undoubtedly makes the synergies to attract new fans continue to grow.

During the last edition of Iberflora, Rocalba carried out, together with other related companies, a thematic space about the garden in which multiple and varied activities took place. Will we be able to see again this year in Iberflora a space dedicated to the world of the garden?

This year we will once again have a space dedicated to the garden world. Last year's experience was very positive and we really enjoyed organizing the thematic space 'We take you to the garden'. For this edition, we will work more on the staging and make subtle changes in the time structure and activities so that visitors can enjoy more time of the space. The purpose of working towards a common goal, to bring improvements to Iberflora and the bonhomie that characterize each of the representatives of the collaborating companies have been the key to the whole process.

Last year Rocalba surprised the market with its collections of edible flower seeds Flower Gourmet, as well as with its collection of Hot Peppers. What novelties will the firm present next October in Iberflora?

During this edition, Rocalba will present new products to give dynamism and solidity to the brand. For example, we re-style and bring out a new format for one of our existing products, seed potatoes, to adapt it to the real needs of new consumers. We will also present a very innovative product in terms of packaging and concept. A product that speaks of the present and future values of the company and the sector and that we are going to present to the innovation awards.

Iberflora is preparing a new, more experiential and innovative concept in 2022, Iberflora New Generation, an event to work with, but also to learn and have fun. What do you expect from the next edition of Iberflora?

For us, Iberflora is the best showcase to connect with our customers and present the novelties of the catalog. The information received from the fair is very positive: increase in exhibitors and forecast of large influx of visitors. We hope to work and enjoy the same way we did last year.