Iberflora will boost the program en Flor

Iberflora She has been invited to participate as main sponsor and facilitator of the program Villas in flower, which celebrates its first edition in 2018.

Villas in bloom is a national and annual program which recognizes in the form of awards, so-called Honor flowers, the trajectory and the actions carried out by the Spanish municipalities on the improvement and promotion of urban green spaces, their sustainable management, environmental education and awareness in the care of the environment.

This program, sectoral organizations of nurseries and gardening-driven integrated in FEPEX, It will be officially launched in the next edition of the fair Iberflora, from 4 rd to 6 October Valencia.

En flower follows the footsteps of the successful program that was launched a few years ago in Catalonia (Vile Florides), and which already has more of 100 participating municipalities in this region, and that it is based in turn on the French program Villes et Villages Fleuris, created in 1959.