Isidro Martinez (Proval): "Although it has been a successful campaign, we have lived with uncertainty every week."

The Group Proval born in 1992 after the union of several Mediterranean plant producers in the province of Valencia (España).

Since its inception, the demand has been its maxim, this has allowed them to adapt their products and structures to the changing circumstances of our market and always keeping trends and needs in mind., both product and service, of your customers in order to give them a better solution.

Isidro Martinez, as president of the PROVAL Group and member of the organizing committee of Iberflora, he tells us about his experience in 2021 with the international market, in a campaign that states "it has gone very well, but with a lot of uncertainty every week".

Mart├şnez also talks about new consumer trends, with "changes in all sales channels and new customer profiles".

And also appreciates the celebration of the contest in the month of October: "We value it positively, hoping that the pandemic will respect the celebration".