Park(ing)Day 2016

Green Community kicks for their preparations for the Park (ing) Day 2016

Park(ing)Day 2016Green Community You are already preparing the edition 2016 the known PARK(ing) Day LCV, the participatory event with which we encourage you to create ephemeral gardens that occupy the site of a car for a day. This year will be the next 16 September. associations, municipalities and other groups have already shown interest, and many participants last year have confirmed that repeated experience. As you may recall, in 2015 We reach near 50 gardens 20 different locations throughout Spain.

If you are interested in making a garden, contact Green Community ( to join this experience that seeks to raise awareness about the benefits plants, gardens, parks and green and sports areas in our cities. associations, councils, particular, companies, groups, green sector professionals, schools ... all can participate!

Parking Green Day Community