The ACPO awards for the best greenfluencers will be presented at Iberflora


The Association of Ornamental Plant Marketers (ACPO), has launched the Trompa Verde Awards, a competition whose objective is reward content creators about the green world on social media.

A contest whose Awards ceremony will take place during the next edition of Iberflora, that this year begins a new journey under the concept "Iberflora New Generation", and to be held from 4 rd to 6 October of 2022.

But, What exactly are the Trompa Verde Awards? it is a open and public call in which participants will compete in 5 different categories, in addition to the award for the best Greenfluencer of the year.

The different prizes that will be awarded are:

  • Award for the best publication "embrace a plant", an award for the publication most voted by the public, in which the influencer appears in any type of action related to his world where the plants have some kind of relevance. This award is open to any type of publication whether food, decoration, healthy living, fashion, travel...
  • Award for the best publication "Indoor plants", an influencer who stands out for his publications around the world of indoor plants will be awarded, balcony or terrace, its use to decorate rooms, the use of decorative accessories in its final decoration, etc..
  • Award for the best publication "Outdoor Garden", with an award for the influencer whose publications deal with the world of outdoor plants and their use in gardening, landscaping, design, historical analysis of gardens, etc..
  • Award for the best publication "Orchard and fruit trees", a recognition to the influencer who stands out with publications about the world of orchards for recreational use.
  • Award for the best publication on "Plant Care", with an award for the influencer who has the best publications on plant care, plant health, Grafts, Hybridizations, use of containers, sustratos, etc..
  • Award for the best #Greenfluencer of the year: it is the grand prize of the call, an award for which the influencer's career will be taken into account throughout the year, as well as the evaluations by their followers and the generation of quality content.

The prizes will be known through the evaluations according to the criteria established by a jury proposed by ACPO and composed of personalities from the green sector and experts in social networks that can already be known on the contest website.

For the categories to best publication will be valued, with a score between 1 and 10 points, each of the following criteria:

  • Originality and veracity of the publication.
  • Informative interest of the content.
  • Technical quality of the content, layout, assembly, etc..
  • Impact of the publication in relation to others of the same Influencer.
  • Popular voting on the contest website.

Moreover, for the global Greenfluencer of the Year award, aspects such as the diversity of networks and original content in each of them will be taken into account and scored., as well as the diversity of topics in the publications.

The only prize that will be left entirely to the criteria of the popular vote will be that of "Embrace a plant", where the Influencer who obtains the most votes in the voting of the ACPO website will win.

Do you want to help make this contest visible? From ACPO they are looking for collaborators so that, among all, let's set a precedent and place this call as sectoral awards that celebrate green year after year. You can become a "Partner" of the awards contacting ACPO and your company will appear with its logo as a collaborator on the main page of the contest.

If you are an influencer, or you want to propose one to compete in one of the categories, do not hesitate and fill in the registration form on the ACPO website You have up to the 5 June to do so!