Mylena of Huertox: "I do a lot of things online for the desire to see more and more people growing their vegetables at home."


Iberflora host a panel discussion on the garden on Social Networks with outstanding influencers from the national scene.

The appointment will be attended by influencers of the stature of Mylena Ferreira de Huertox, Ester Casanovas de Picarona Blog, Marta Rosique de Plantea en Verde, Toni Jardon de La Huertina de Toni, Javier de Huerto adictos and Cé de En 20 meters.

The round table will be moderated by Angel Villarino, member of the Organizing Committee of Iberflora and director of Fitoralia. The round table will take place on the morning of 6 October of 2021 in person at Iberflora, the international plant and flower fair, landscaping, technology and diy garden to be held at Feria Valencia.

Today we spoke with Mylena Ferrerira, of Huertox, in an interview in which the influencer tells us about the day to day of her garden and about other hobbies such as indoor plants, the macramé or the kitchen.

In which social networks or ways of communicating do you have a presence?, which of them do you feel most comfortable in?

Currently I am present above all on Instagram, since it is the social network that I like the most for its immediacy and spontaneity, especially in the Stories. However, with the aim of reaching a wider audience with different content formats, little by little I am investing more time in other communication channels: Youtube and Telegram are the chosen ones of the moment.

In the case of Youtube, the goal is to post videos a plonger and more elaborate oco, where I can teach other aspects of my life that don't fit on Instagram. Moreover, the fact that it is the second most used search tool in the world (the first is Google), opens the doors to a giant volume of potential consumers.

On the other hand, with Telegram I can share longer audios with deeper analysis of specific topics. It has a use very similar to WhatsApp, but with advantages and extra tools. In this case, the audience is smaller but much closer than in other social networks, providing a higher quality interaction. I like to call it "VIP Group", the place where I gather those who are really interested in learning more about natural agriculture. These people are the ones who give me the best and most complete feedback on my online work.

In addition to the website (currently in the process of remodeling) and the list of emails for the monthly Newsletter, I also have a Facebook account, TikTok and Spotify, although these three networks will be saved for the future.

How long ago did you get started seriously with communication, that is, at what point it becomes an important part of your life? What makes you take that step?

I've been since the 2012 working with Digital Marketing, so social networks and online communication have always been very present in my life. The Instagram profile @huertox was created in July of 2015 with the aim of being a diary where to record the progress of my garden, it's an easy way to know when you'd sown each seed and how long it'd taken you to develop.

Over the years I discovered a world of gardeners on Instagram que served as a support and source of knowledge. Thanks to these people I met online, my garden improved markedly, I learned new cultivation techniques and matured quite a bit as a gardener.

Instagram's growth has been organic and natural, I never intended to make it a business, followers have arrived (and they have stayed) because somehow they identify with what I share online: a brief summary of my life hortelana, with all the mistakes and successes.

Thanks to Instagram I met people who today are present in my offline life, I made exchanges of seeds and plants, and I gained new friends that I will carry for life. That's why I'm very grateful for everything this social network has given me over the years..

What are or were your references when you started?

Esrp and Toni have been very present in my online beginnings, at the time when I didn't know much about orchards and killed most of my crops by mistake.

In the following years, I discovered the books of Mariano Bueno and Masanobu Fukuoka, Ernest Götsch's videos on Syntropic Agriculture and the "no dig" technique with Charles Dowding. Since then my way of farming has completely changed and I have become a great advocate of natural agriculture.

Do you recommend someone other than one of your tablemates to follow?, either within the orchard world, or plants, or simply, because you like what he does and how he does it.

For beginners in the garden, always I recommend the books of Mariano Bueno. I think he's an excellent writer., with a very simple and easy to understand way of explaining things.

For those gardeners looking for more sustainable and natural techniques of growing, with an eye on the medium-long term, Fukuoka is one of the required readings. The lessons of this Japanese farmer help you see nature in a completely different way than we are used to.

Ernest Götsch and Charles Dowding are my online recommendations for those people who want to make a living from farming by selling their crop, but without following the current form of cash cultivation. Both teach that it is possible to have a bountiful and quality harvest without the need to use synthetic products or heavy machines.

Do you combine your work in communication in networks and / or internet with others or do you dedicate yourself completely to it?

I am dedicated to Digital Marketing, I help my clients improve their online presence, promote your products in the different social networks and develop your brand.

I do not live from my garden or my accounts in the different social networks. Everything I do related to the garden, it's more for the love of art than for money. De facto, I reject much of the proposals that come to me from brands to promote their products because I have no interest in talking about something that I do not find interesting. All the products I teach on my social networks are things that I really use in my day with plants.

On the other hand, my work in the world of marketing has taught me the importance of listening to your audience and meeting their needs. At the request of my Instagram followers, create an Online Workshop on tomato cultivation with David (the Riojan farmer responsible for "La Huerta de Rizos"), and I also open places for my Mentoring Hortelana (in which I accompany a small group of people during 3 months) once a year.

Does it condition you to talk about certain topics the fact that it has more or less repercussion, in the number of visits or likes or you move more the artistic vein?

As I do not live from my social networks, I feel free to talk about any topic that I think is relevant regardless of its online impact. Maybe, if it depended on the visits to my website and the views on my Youtube channel to live, would be more aware of the topics to be dealt with looking for more likes, but it's not the case.

In part this is why I continue with my work in the world of marketing and I do not throw myself headlong into the world of the garden. I think if I did., I would be more limited and forced to deal with certain issues or accept certain trade agreements just by paying the bills at the end of the month..

My freedom of expression is worth more than this. The day my Instagram stops being a pleasure and becomes an obligation, the day I am forced to talk about a topic that interests me little just to get a handful of likes and a few euros, I will stop being myself to become an online character. And this is not my life goal..

Talking about topics, just orchard or do you talk about all kinds of plants? And out of the world of plants, can you ever talk about football?, religion, policy, Anything, even if it is tangentially?

The gardening and natural agriculture are the central themes of my editorial calendar and all I'm talking about is, in a way, related to them. As complementary topics I also like to talk about houseplants, Cats, kitchen, travel and digital marketing.

As I said before, I use social media to share moments of my life, so the normal thing is that the complementary topics are related to my day to day.

The followers and attention they require, Questions, comments... do you attend to everything and you have to limit it in some way?

I attend to all the people who write to me, Without exception.

When I started with the garden years ago, I had a million doubts and wrote to a lot of people online asking for help, tips and recommendations. Thanks to these people I have learned many things. So answering all the messages that reach me through the different digital media is the least I can do to repay everything that the internet has given me.

Moreover, the garden has changed my life in a very profound way. My greatest happiness is receiving messages from people who, thanks to my advice or content published online, have managed to improve somewhat in their crops. See that, in some way but distant, I have helped make this person happier in his life fills me with pride.

It may seem cliché, but I really think people need people and we all move for love (to something or someone). I'm sure I wouldn't have half the followers online if I didn't interact with them nor will I worry about their problems.

That's why I say I do a lot of things online for the love of art., for the desire to see more and more people growing their vegetables at home. Hopefully more people can experience a change for the better in their lives thanks to plants.

Do you think that the pandemic has incorporated new profiles of followers and fans of the world of the garden?

Of course. The pandemic and quarantine have brought a large public to the world of the garden. People who were previously too busy to pay attention to the nature around them, now they have been locked up at home with little contact with the green and natural.

The number of people with depression and anxiety crises increased markedly, because of that many have discovered that the garden can be a wonderful therapy, cheap and easy. Thanks to plants I myself managed to control my anxiety years ago, and that's why I say that the garden has changed my life.

You will be part of a round table on orchards and social networks in this next edition of Iberflora, what do you think of the initiative, you've done something similar before.?

I think this is an excellent initiative., a good way to give consumers a voice.

I have not participated in a round table before but I do direct with guests on Instagram on a regular basis. I think it's important to know different points of view on a topic., discuss opinions and rethink ideas.

I learn a lot from the guests I bring to my Instagram live shows and I am sure that the round table of Iberflora will be an unforgettable Masterclass with these great gardeners of the national scene.

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