Raul Ferrer, new president of Iberflora

Iberflora, International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and DIY Garden, ha elegido a Raúl Ferrer como nuevo presidente del certamen. Ferrer sustituye en el cargo a Óscar Calabuig, quien venía ocupando la presidencia desde 2012.

Raul Ferrer, director comercial de la empresa familiar Orvifrusa, ha desarrollado su carrera profesional en el sector verde. Ha participado activamente en asociaciones sectoriales como la Asociación Profesional de Flores, Plants and Horticultural Technology Valencia (Asfplant) o en la recién formada Asociación de Comercializadores de Planta Ornamental (ACPO). In the same way, ha ejercido en los últimos años como vicepresidente de Iberflora.

Ferrer afronta esta nueva etapa al frente de Iberflora como “un reto muy ilusionante, especialmente tratándose del 50º aniversario de la feria”.

De facto, among the first challenges and objectives of the fair after the celebration of the virtual edition of Iberflora Digital Business, Ferrer destaca la necesidad de “maintain the growth trend that the contest had achieved in its last editions. The pandemic has taken away that sense of closeness, seeing each other in person and being able to shake hands. The intention is to be able to return as far as possible to normal, and to send both the exhibitor and the visitor that it is possible to hold a face-to-face contest with security and guarantees.

Iberflora aims to hold a face-to-face contest this year 2021, and while it is pending to know the pace of covid's vaccination process, in addition to how mobility restrictions evolve this year, expectations are good and Iberflora is expected to be celebrated 2021 with all the security guarantees.

On the issue of security, It should be noted that Feria Valencia has developed its own protocol in front of COVID that turns its enclosure into a safe space in the face of the pandemic. The dimensions of the exhibition space and its technical and human equipment allow to maintain all measures of social distance, capacity control, temperature record at the accesses, thorough cleaning, air renewal, among other ones , that make the space of Feria Valencia the best endowed with the Valencian Community to host any type of activity that requires the participation of a large number of people.

Lastly, Ferrer wanted to show the industry-round thanks to the outgoing president, Oscar Calabuig, for his excellent work during the eight years of dedication. A period in which Iberflora has reinvented itself after the harsh economic crisis of 2008 and has consolidated its role as the green sector reference fair in Spain.