Temps de Flors, the exhibition of flowers, monuments, patios and gardens of Girona that annually falls visitors

Girona opened last Saturday their great Spring Festival, Temps de Flors (Time of flowers), an event that has become quite an event in the municipality, It has grown over the years until reaching a huge number of visitors.

This is the Edition number 62 This exhibition of flowers, monuments, courtyards and gardens, why the city dresses up their spring finery.

In this issue, that should be completed next 21 st of May, the city will be with 150 points of decoration, so it is advisable to plan the visit beforehand and draw up a route that can not miss a visit to La Pla├ža dels Jurats, the Romanesque of Sant Pere de Galligants i Sant Nicolau, the Cathedral and Arab baths, among others are presented.

Since Iberflora We show our full support to this type of initiatives that in addition to promoting sustainable tourism in the city, put in value to green and all that surrounds you. Moreover, We are invited to other city councils to join this type of green initiatives.

We invite you to visit this beautiful town during these dates. You can find all the information you need about Temps de Flors, as the plane, schedules, gastronomy, guided visits, fairs and markets in the official website.