Everything ready for the VI Technical Conference of Gardening and Landscaping of the Green Agora


Iberflora, International Fair of Plants and Flowers, Landscaping, Technology and BRICOJARDín that will take place in the facilities of Feria Valencia del 5 rd to 7 October, finalizes the details of the VI technical conference of Gardening and Landscaping in the emblematic space of the Green Agora.

On this special occasion in which Iberflora celebrates its 50 anniversary, the main theme chosen for the conference is "Urban Naturalization and Resilient Cities in Horizon 2030", in a space for technical meeting and reflection on the landscape, its management and evolution.

Tuesday 5 October

Thereby, during the first day, the public will be able to know spontaneous flora alternatives and biodiversity refuges for a healthy city, Hand Isabel Montávez (Intersemillas), to then address the CO2 sinks in forest management together with Jose Maria Cobo (National Heritage) and Juan Carlos Moya García (EULEN Environment Director).

Moreover, Fernando Enriquez (City of Madrid), expose the control and consequences of climatic disasters in the woodland, with particular emphasis on the affections of Filomena in the trees of Madrid, exhibition after which a round table moderated by D. Francisco Berroya, Secretary General of the Association of Landscape and Environment Restoration Companies (ASERPYMA).

Once the table is finished, we will attend the last presentation of the day, in which Ms. Carolina Lopez (MCA Irrigation) explain the technique of disinfection of irrigation systems with oxygen peroxide.

Wednesday 6 October

The second day, presented by the director of Iberflora Miguel Bixquert and by the president of the Spanish Association of Parks and Public Gardeners (AEPJP), Mr. Francisco Bergua, will open with the keynote speech by D. Pedro Calaza, Agricultural engineer, Landscaper and Dean en Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Agrónomos de Galicia, followed by a review of practical cases on the implementation of the VI Granada Standard in various Spanish municipalities, experiences that will have representatives of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (EMFF) and whose presenter will be Javier Sigüenza, Secretary General of the Association of Green Infrastructure Management Companies (ASEJA).

The afternoon will start with the Green SYMPOSIUM organized by the Spanish Federation of Gardening Companies (Cock) with the participation of the Elca (European Landscape Contractors Association), followed by Antonio Lopez, manager of the Association of Harvesters and Exporters of Flowers and Live Plants of the Canary Islands (ASOCAN), who will talk about urban green infrastructure models as an effective municipal tool for the fight against climate change and the achievement of the objectives of the European Pact in the biodiversity strategy.

The day will close with a relaxed round table, also organized by feej, in which the needs and parameters of Protocols of evaluation and adequacy of the Municipal and private IVU will be addressed from a national and European perspective, and that will have the participation of experts from Spanish gardening associations.

Thursday 7 October

The last day in the Green Agora promises to be shorter, but no less interesting: will start with the approach to Greencity in Europe and its evolution within the framework of Horizon 2030, by the hand of D. Juan Manuel Borrajo (Dasotec Engineering Solutions).

Then it will be done presentation of the Professor Ballester-Olmos Award by the College of Agricultural Technical Engineers of Valencia and Castellón (COITAVC), that recognizes professionals and companies that develop innovative projects in the gardening and landscaping sector.

Mr. Sergi Campillo, Deputy Mayor of Valencia, will continue the day with the presentation "Valencia, green city and biodiversity", to then give way to Mr. Alejandro Ramon, Councillor for Emerging Climate and Energy Transition, which will hold a presentation on urban agriculture.

The day will continue with a round table moderated by D. Gustavo Marina, landscaper and coordinator of the conference, in which D will participate. Sergi Campillo and D. Alejandro Ramon.

The closing of the day will be borne by the president of the Spanish Association of Landscapers, Mr. José Luis Laigmaniera, who will talk about the IFLA International Congress to be held at the 20 rd to 22 October in person at the School of Architecture of Granada and will coincide with the celebration of the V Day of the Landscape of the Council of Europe.

Mr. Raul Ferrer, President of Iberflora, will lead to the closing of three intense days in which top-level specialists will discuss the challenges faced by cities in the framework of Horizon 2030, a future in which urban naturalization takes on a relevant role.

Iberflora is thus committed one more year to an ambitious program of presentations, exhibitions and round tables that will turn the Green Agora at the epicentre of Iberflora's green infrastructure 2021, a space that always generates great expectation for the amount of knowledge and shared experiences that take place during the days.

Below, we attach the program of presentations.