Iberflora claims the essential role of green areas, more valued than ever after the COVID-19 crisis

La Federación Española de Municipios y Provincias (FEMP) ha asegurado que la crisis del coronavirus ha servido para realzar el valor que la infraestructura verde urbana tiene para la salud física y emocional de los ciudadanos. Iberflora, held from 6 rd to 8 October of 2020 Feria Valencia, no solo aplaude sus palabras, sino que también reivindica el papel esencial de las zonas verdes en esta época post COVID-19.

Las defiende como una forma clave de equilibrar la vida de las personas a través de la mejora de la salud física y mental, de las relaciones sociales, del placer estético, del aire puro y limpio, del tiempo de recreo junto a familiares y amigos.

Cabe destacar que la FEMP envió hace unos días una carta a más de 7.000 town halls with a series of recommendations to respect the life cycles of species and for the maintenance of urban green infrastructure after the confinement period, moment when it's been more preserved and less polluted than ever.

According to the EMFF, the integration of environmental criteria into the design and management of urban green can help combat biodiversity loss associated with urban growth and strengthen the environmental services it provides, consolidating its role as green infrastructure. "It also facilitates the approach to nature in the middle of the city, something that citizens generally see as positive, as has been seen these days of confinement", insured from the Federation.

Moreover, quarantine has also highlighted the importance of having a small green space in the home, either in the form of a balcony, terrace or garden, as well as the advantages of living in a rural environment where nature is part of the life of its inhabitants. An increasingly common and key way of life in times of crisis such as those that have been experienced in recent months.

"We need to reflect on the possibilities that a more nature-friendly management model in urban and peri-urban green environments can mean to achieve resilient cities, healthy and sustainable”, pointed out since the FEMP. From Iberflora we could not agree more.