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Aquaponics, the merger between hydroponics and aquaculture that can revolutionize your urban garden
11 April 2018

aquaponics-hydroponics-aquacultureToday we focus on reviewing one of the systems of sustainable and environmentally friendly crop that excited not only by its utility, but for its originality and simplicity: the aquaponics.

And it is that you it's a type of cultivation that requires little space and few amounts of water. But let's start at the beginning: Although the term acuoponia sounds little-known, It is the combination between hydroponics, the cultivation of plants on water without substrates and aquaculture, fish farming.

The human being can benefit from the symbiotic association between aquatic animals and plants creating a system of efficient crop production and unconventional. This system works in such a way that waste and waste of fish are nutrients that fertilize plants, which in turn clean water of the fish making it reusable.

Despite appears to be a modern form of cultivation, the truth is that both the ancient Egyptians and Aztecs were already benefiting from the relationship between plants and fish for their crops. The difference is that we can now buy a kit of aquaponics, something that was formerly manufactured manually.

Those who are already familiar with the conventional hydroponic systems will not see any difficulty in installing the aquaponics system in their crops, an optimal method to cultivate, for example, vegetables such as lettuce green leaf, Swiss chard or spinach or other fruits and vegetables such as beans, onions, aromatic, strawberries and radishes.

On the other hand, the fish used in the aquaponics for food consumption are tilapia, Catfish, Yellowtail or jade, barramundi or crucian carp.

This system is also optimally to save water, because you only have to add to fill the loss of water due to the absorption of the same plants or evaporation of the same. An interesting fact is that the aquaponics employs approximately a 2% water compared to a conventional farm.

Thus, with a little water, fish food and electricity just to pump water will have all the necessary resources that will draw our aquaponics system.

Since Iberflora We support this sustainable and environmentally friendly production system that can be installed both at the professional level as an amateur with the objective of saving resources, preserve the environment and obtain tasty and organic foods.