Iberflora team travels to major trade fairs in the sector

IPM Essen 2020

After the start of Iberflora's commercial campaign 2020 at the French Paysalia fair, the team of Iberflora you've already got your roadmap for major Green Sector events in Spain and Europe.

In order to contact exhibitors, Exporters, distributors, Buyers, industry associations and organizations, the team will visit various competitions presenting the VIP program aimed at international buyers, an initiative that already has a successful track record for the advantages it brings to professionals.

The first stop will be the Alicantine fair Viveralia, the Professional Hall of the Ornamental and Related Plant, who celebrates the 22 rd to 24 January its 17th edition at the Alicantina Fair Institution and which will bring together the main professionals in the nursery sector.

Below, we'll visit the German fair IPM Essen, from 28 rd to 31 January, the leading European event in ornamental horticulture and whose venue, the Messe Essen, debut remodeling in this edition.

We will continue with the visit, from 26 rd to 28 February, from the Italian fair MyPlant&Garden, the well-established Italian citation of the city of Milan.

Already in the last edition of Iberflora, the event received delegations from more than 20 countries through the VIP program.

Iberflora 2020, to be held in joint call with Eurobrico, International Diy Fair, and with Ecofira, International Environmental Solutions Fair, from 6 rd to 8 October, expects to exceed that figure for its next edition.